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Small Remedies your Mother* never told you about
- (*unless your Mother was Margaret Tyler...)  with Will Taylor, MD

I met a little elf man once

Down where the lilies blow.

I asked him why he was so small
And why he did not grow.

He slightly frowned, and with his eyes
He looked at me through and through.
“I’m just as big for me,” said he,
“As you are big for you.”

- Jon Kendrick Bangs, 1862-1922

Join Will as he explores a collection of “small” remedies his mother never told him about, which he's nevertheless discovered to be valuable in the course of clinical practice.
In homeopathic practice, the prescription of small remedies is often underutilized. This course aims to give the student and practitioner the skills necessary to recognize the need for a small remedy as well as how to effectively study, compare and contrast small remedies as they appear within a case analysis. In the course of working through these cases, and describing these remedies in close detail, we'll look into some commonly-asked, and seldom adequately answered, questions:

- What is a small remedy? And why?

- Why are some remedies so small, while others grow to the status of a polycrest?

- Why might we wish to consider a small remedy for a case, when it appears that a polycrest might do?

Some remedies appear to be “large” in the context of specific pathologies (e.g., physical trauma) or localities (e.g., “bladder remedies”), while remaining “small” in a more general context - is it realistic to characterize remedies in this way? Can we recognize features in a case which might suggest that it is calling for a small remedy? How might we organize and examine our analysis, to best bring out a small remedy, when one is appropriate to the case? How can we best recognize the significance of a small remedy showing up in an analysis?

...and very importantly,

How can we find information about, and study, a small remedy, when we cannot find an adequate (or any) description in our materia medica texts? What are some effective ways to study a small remedy in comparison / contrast with other remedies, including those “larger,” better-known remedies with which it might be confused?

(*Note - the remedies we will cover will not necessarily be those illustrated here, or in the course banner - Will is full of surprises, and likes to keep it that way)


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ABOUT Will Taylor

"My goal is to help you develop specific skills in casework
and materia medica study which you can apply productively in every-day practice."

Dr. Will Taylor is one of today's most engaging homeopathic teachers. He is a research scientist, medical doctor and naturalist. He encourages an in depth discussion of the classical homeopathic approach in materia medica study and case analysis.

PRAISE FOR Will Taylor

I must say I am completely and totally impressed with the online classes you provide. I wish I had more time!
I especially appreciate “simple” classes that go in depth regarding one specific remedy, such as Helleborus, Aethusa, Rhus tox, etc. I would love more of these! Kim Elia and Dr. Taylor do such a fantastic job of presenting the whole picture of remedies. I would appreciate even one-hour classes on the more common remedies... I have studied these remedies but I consistently get a clearer picture after a session with Kim or Dr. Taylor.

Thank you for making these available!

— Anna B.

Please tell Will Taylor that I thoroughly enjoyed his course and he is a fantastic teacher. He has such an easy going manner, very in depth knowledge, humor and clear teaching that it is pure pleasure to hear him.

— Student

I adore Will's presentation style, have had him several times as a teacher at the school I attended. I appreciate his sense of humour and movie quotes. I will listen to him anytime. If I could afford to take all his online classes, I would.

— Student

I am so delighted to have discovered Dr. Taylor as a teacher. He is among the best I have encountered. His depth of knowledge, understanding of disease, and humility make him a joy to learn with. He presents a high bar with his dedication to excellence, which inspires us to reach farther with our own professional development.

— Student

I wanted to thank you yet again for another wonderful course. You certainly are a talented educator with so much experience, I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity of learning from you and also for the invention of webinars! Thanks to you and your WHN team, I am now addicted and find it really hard to resist each new series on offer.

— Student

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully enlightening and stimulating course on Rheumatic Diseases. I learned so much from the enormous detail you managed to cover each week. I'm sure it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to research and compile each lecture - but nothing goes unnoticed Will, I'm sure everyone is most grateful to you.

I know I've said this to you before, but I'd really like to tell you again - you are an extremely inspiring educator with a depth of knowledge in so many areas, it's always such a treat to spend whatever time I get to share your insight. And all this with a wonderful sense of humour.

— Student

I love, love, love the Rheumatic Diseases course as well. (Want more of that.) -- Also looking forward to the Cardiovascular Course.

— Sarah D.

Thank you for a wonderful Webinar. This was my first webinar with you, and I really enjoyed it. This has opened up a whole new universe for me to learn homeopathy. Up until now I always avoided webinars. But yours was as good as a live seminar. I am so glad I signed up for it.
I look forward to attending more of your webinars in future.

— Prafulla M.




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