Beyond Lachesis:

Sub-Classification, Materia Medica, and Clinical Applications of the Unknown Snakes and Their Remarkable Remedies

This session demonstrating the astonishing diversity and remedy potential of snakes and their sub-classifications will act as a template for the "Source and Substance of the Animal Kingdom" course that follows.


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How many snake remedies are you familiar with? Three? Six?
A dozen? In fact, there are over one hundred snake remedies available to the homeopath today, each offering a specific set of symptoms that it can cure. Similarly, the lion’s share of animal remedies that could be used to meet the needs of our current prescribing methodologies have been conspicuously underrepresented in our materia medica.

There are far more animal substances available to be used as remedies than there have been provings. Fortunately, we can make use of source-based prescribing to glean equally valuable information. By going to the source and investigating its chemical composition and habits – what it is made of, how it lives, and what it does for itself – we can learn its therapeutic uses in homeopathy. And by doing so, we have access to so many more remedies, and can bypass the problems inherent in present-day provings.


Continuing on the “Source and Substance” concept that was introduced in their Poales & Pinales course, Dr. Linda Johnston and Frans Vermeulen will take you on a multi-focused safari through the animal kingdom. Frans Vermeulen will dive with his customary clarity deeply into the study of the materia medica of the animal remedies, with precise, up-to-date categorizations. Major classifications – such as mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. – have groupings that are so vast in scope, and with such great diversity, that accurate prescribing becomes difficult. As compared to the plant kingdom, we are just beginning to explore and understand its extensive animal counterpart. The first step in the process is to create correct divisions by sub-classification, in which further divisions within the groupings are made. As with the plant kingdom families, these animal sub-classifications have the potential to reveal useful characteristics that are both generalizable to the larger group, and also unique to their sub-classification, thus allowing for greater accuracy in finding the simillimum.

Linda Johnston will guide you with the help of her 30 years of experience through an enticing jungle of clinical cases demonstrating the materia medica of some heretofore unknown remedies. This requires a different interview approach: one that is innovative and cutting edge, and that incorporates the qualities and characteristics of the source in the case-taking, analysis and, ultimately, the prescription. Drawn from Divya Chhabra’s “Leap to the Simillimum” method, the “Source and Substance” concept will be presented and supported by case examples. Using this methodology, the patient is guided to bypass the conscious and goes straight to the unconscious, where both the disease and the qualities of the remedy reside, thereby evoking that remedy by his or her own spoken words. What a joy to actually hear the patient name his or her remedy!

This exciting new course will expand your horizons by teaching you what is available as remedies from the animal kingdom, far beyond what is known in our current materia medica, and how to access these remedies in your case-taking and prescribing. Whereas some methods approach patients or categorize them by their medical condition, the methods you will learn consider patients from the remedy that they need and, as a result, will take care of all the conditions that they have.

Feel like a fish out of water? You don’t have to be experienced or advanced to take the course, which will comprise six 2-hour webinars covering an exotic menagerie of animal groupings.

Free Bonus Session!

Hold your horses! Join Linda Johnston and Frans Vermeulen for a bonus 1-hour session that will demonstrate the sub-classification system, pertinent materia medica, and give you some snapshot clinical cases to chew your cud on. This session demonstrating the astonishing diversity and remedy potential of snakes and their sub-classifications will act as a template for the "Source and Substance of the Animal Kingdom" course.


Dr. Linda Johnston is a licensed medical doctor and homeopath who has been practicing and teaching globally for thirty years. Her husband, Frans Vermeulen, is widely recognized as an authority on materia medica, and is the author of many desktop references for homeopaths, including both the Concordant Reference and Synoptic Reference I and II, and Prisma Reference materia medica series. The pair co-authored an epic four-volume set, Plants, that will undoubtedly be the definitive text on botanical remedies for years to come. Bringing together clinical observations, provings, toxicology, botany, and more, they have deconstructed the plant kingdom into more than 140 botanical families, in the process helping to build far greater understanding of this important source of our homeopathic remedies.


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ABOUT Linda Johnston

Linda Johnston, MD, completed her medical training at the University of Washington in 1979 and started practicing homeopathy in 1986. She has been teaching homeopathy for more than 20 years. The author of scholarly and popular books on homeopathy, Johnston's recent projects include a book on the treatment of children using new homeopathic techniques. She lives in California with her husband, Frans Vermeulen. 

ABOUT Frans Vermeulen

Frans Vermeulen, is a Dutch homeopath and one of the world's foremost authorities on homeopathic materia medica. Vermeulen is the author of some of the most popular modern materia medicas, including Concordant Reference, Synoptic Reference Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and upcoming Prisma Reference Materia Medica. With his wife, Dr. Linda Johnston, he has co-authored four volumes on plant remedies. 

PRAISE FOR Linda Johnston

Thank you for an amazing webinar. I cannot say how important and appreciated is the work both Frans Vermeulen and Linda Johnston are doing. The information is so detailed and thorough - I look forward to participating in more Webinars and to the books that will be available from their hard work.

— Jackie

I loved the webinar by Linda and Frans! Years ago I was in one of Linda's two year classes. She was a great teacher then and still is. I was impressed by the good teamwork between Frans and Linda in their presentation. What amazing work they have been doing for homeopathy and homeopaths!

— Louise Woehl

Frans and Linda give huge insights that are so supportive to our service. Their courses are wonderful!

— Renate Andrasevits...

Excellent session, and such a pleasure to hear two masters at the peak of their form! Thank you!

— Roopali




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