An Overview of the Asteraceae

With Linda Johnston & Frans Vermeulen

Join Linda and Frans for a glimpse at the themes and particulars of this largest botanical family -
they'll discuss some of the more famous remedies, as well as the lesser knowns.


ACHENA Approved for 13 Hours

You think Arnica is useful? Wait until you meet her sisters, brothers and cousins!

Everyone in homeopathy knows Arnica, right? But do you know what to do when Arnica fails? Do you know which injuries are less likely to respond to Arnica? Can you go beyond Arnica when the condition and the case demand it? Do you know which remedies may be more effective in certain situations? Despite being the most recognizable remedy in homeopathy and, truly, a drug of 1,000 uses, Arnica montana does have its limitations. Luckily for us, there is an entire plant family that is not only botanically related to Arnica but frequently homeopathically related, as well.

Specific remedies for specific wounds...

In these informative and practical sessions, with their trademark clarity and precision backed by 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Linda Johnston and Frans Vermeulen will introduce you to members of the Asteraceae family (also known as the Compositae), the largest family of homeopathic remedies in our materia medica. Learn when to use life-saving remedies like Echinacea angustifolia and Achillea millefolium. Review the important uses of Asteraceae like Calendula officinalis and Bellis perennis. Learn about the diverse uses of remedies like AbrotanumTaraxacum officinaleCarduus marianus and Wyethia helenioides. From a variety of traumatic injuries to poisoning, hay fever and sepsis, the Asteraceae have you covered.

Dr. Johnston is a licensed medical doctor who has been practicing and teaching homeopathy all over the world for nearly three decades. Her husband, Frans Vermeulen, is recognized as an authority on materia medica and is the author of many desktop references for homeopaths, including both the Concordant and Synoptic materia medica series. The pair co-authored an epic four-volume set, Plants, that promises to be the definitive text on botanical remedies for years to come. Bringing together clinical observations, provings, toxicology, botany and more, they have broken down the homeopathic plant kingdom into more than 140 botanical families.

In their first course for WholeHealthNow, Johnston and Vermeulen will lead students on a journey of discovery through the largest botanical family, the Asteraceae, far beyond the most well known family member, Arnica. They will share with participants very precise uses of these substances to bring about more accurate and successful prescribing. Combining Vermeulen’s clarity and detail with Johnston’s years of clinical expertise, this course on the Asteraceae promises to provide a contribution of major significance to understanding these organisms in our materia medica.

Join this dynamic duo of homeopathy for more than twelve hours of therapeutics, materia medica and clinical cases from the Asteraceae family. This course will leave you with many more figurative arrows in your quiver for everything from first aid to liver disease to actual wounds from arrows.

Conditions to be covered in this course include:


• Bladder Infections

• Contact Dermatitis

• Vertigo

• Injuries - Muscles

• Injuries - Vascular

• Injuries - Internal

• Cardiac Pain

• Hemorrhage

• Injuries - Soft parts

• Injuries - Labor and Delivery

• Other Injuries

• Hepatitis

• Cirrhosis

• Jaundice

• Poisoning

• Sepsis

• Depression

• Anger and Irritability



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ABOUT Linda Johnston

Linda Johnston, MD, completed her medical training at the University of Washington in 1979 and started practicing homeopathy in 1986. She has been teaching homeopathy for more than 20 years. The author of scholarly and popular books on homeopathy, Johnston's recent projects include a book on the treatment of children using new homeopathic techniques. She lives in California with her husband, Frans Vermeulen. 

ABOUT Frans Vermeulen

Frans Vermeulen, is a Dutch homeopath and one of the world's foremost authorities on homeopathic materia medica. Vermeulen is the author of some of the most popular modern materia medicas, including Concordant Reference, Synoptic Reference Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and upcoming Prisma Reference Materia Medica. With his wife, Dr. Linda Johnston, he has co-authored four volumes on plant remedies. 

PRAISE FOR Linda Johnston

Thank you for an amazing webinar. I cannot say how important and appreciated is the work both Frans Vermeulen and Linda Johnston are doing. The information is so detailed and thorough - I look forward to participating in more Webinars and to the books that will be available from their hard work.

— Jackie

I loved the webinar by Linda and Frans! Years ago I was in one of Linda's two year classes. She was a great teacher then and still is. I was impressed by the good teamwork between Frans and Linda in their presentation. What amazing work they have been doing for homeopathy and homeopaths!

— Louise Woehl

Frans and Linda give huge insights that are so supportive to our service. Their courses are wonderful!

— Renate Andrasevits...

Excellent session, and such a pleasure to hear two masters at the peak of their form! Thank you!

— Roopali




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