Fibroids, PCOS and Infertility 

With Gabrielle Traub 

With limited literature on these topics, we are fortunate to have Gabrielle's experience. Using flow charts, tables and remedy differentials, she makes it easy for you to choose the correct remedy. *Gabrielle will review the attached case.


Dyspareunia: Painful Sex in Women

With Gabrielle Traub

Join Gabrielle as she illuminates a condition that is not commonly discussed but very commonly seen in homeopathic practice.


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Back by Popular Demand!

This winter, Gabrielle Traub reprises her teaching on Women's Health! WholeHealthNow is pleased to announce the continuation of one of our most popular courses of 2015, Gabrielle Traub on the Therapeutics of Women's Health. In response to numerous student requests, Gabrielle will expand on this year's Obstetrics and Gynecology with Homeopathy course. Check out the tremendous feedback about Part 1! Gabrielle surveyed her students to find out what they wanted next, and has tailored the curriculum to meet their choices. Topics to be covered include:

  • Menopause and post-menopausal conditions (e.g. Osteoporosis, etc)
  • Endometriosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Childbirth

No matter what the focus of your practice, women's health issues comprise a large portion of the complaints seen daily in homeopathic consultation. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your success with your female patients, as you learn from Gabrielle's extensive clinical experience and benefit from her talent for perceiving the case and selecting the simillimum.

Please note: Women's Health Part 2 has been designed as a stand-alone course. You do not need to take Part 1 to benefit from this new series.


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ABOUT Gabrielle Traub

Gabrielle has worked in hospitals and rural clinics in South Africa for six years, in an OB/GYN practice in California for a decade, and in a treatment center specializing in eating disorders, addictions, post-traumatic stress and chronic pain.

Gabrielle's work in women’s health has been equally diverse. Among other things, she has assisted in natural birthing, taught childbirth classes, and worked extensively with infertility. A mother herself, Gabrielle now works in San Diego with a world renowned immunologist. She is the founder of World Homeopathy Awareness Week, the host of the alternative medicine radio show, Vital Force, and lectures on materia medica, anatomy and pathology at several natural medicine schools in Southern California.

PRAISE FOR Gabrielle Traub

Gabrielle Traub is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring teacher of homeopathy. I have seen her teach in a live setting and was impressed with her grasp of homeopathy as well as her ability communicate complex topics in a manner which is easily intelligible to students. Gabrielle’s 2 hour Webinar training on Homeopathy for Drug-induced Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder was the most highly reviewed of all the Webinars that were offered as part of our Modern Practice series. This is saying a lot, as the other presenters are amongst the most highly regarded instructors in our profession. Gabrielle brings a sense of joy to her classes which translates to enthusiasm in her students. I recommend her unreservedly.

— Kim Elia

Gabrielle has been on our faculty for over 10 years. Her dynamic teaching style is creative and inspiring. A student favorite, Gabrielle is always prepared and innovative with the ability to implement a variety of interactive teaching styles. Aside from teaching a variety of topics regarding Casetaking, Repertory and Materia Medica, she also teaches Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and has facilitated one of our teaching clinics.

— Deborah Casey

Gabrielle, Your presentation in Denver was remarkable. Thank you. Our DC study group met last night and I gave them a copy of your cases. Continue your outstanding work

— Ioana Razi, MD,

Thanks to Gabrielle’s wonderful energy, kindness and attentiveness over the last six years, the school has become one of the premier homeopathic schools on the west coast. The school cannot put a value on the time she spends in preparation, groundwork and research for the wonderful curriculum she presents each weekend, or on her patience, insight and cheerful demeanor as teacher. The students love how she relates to the remedies. Hearing her cases helps to make the remedies come alive.
Thank you again for teaching this past weekend, the evaluations were glowing.

— Avghi Constantinid...

It was great having you as a teacher. I can speak for everyone in the class in that we LOVE your teaching technique and would LOVE to have you back.

— Hasina Jahan Hai

It was one of the best, if not the best panel we have had! Thank you for your continued dedication to changing the face of health care in our community and nation - it truly takes a 'village' to create, and hold, the space for this change to happen.

Gabrielle has always been highly prepared, professional, and current with her teaching style and information. I continue to be impressed with her ability to relate good science to challenging topics and bring other topics of interest to the public through her Vital Force Radio show. It is challenging to find faculty, and speakers, that have charisma, passion, and expertise that engage a class and participants the way Gabrielle does!

— Dr. Stacy Gomes, E...

Gabrielle Traub has served on several panels at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for the Integrative Medical Discussion Group. I have chosen her repeatedly because of her expertise and dedication to evidence with whatever topic she is presenting on. We love for her to share her brilliant information with our groups. She is a dynamic speaker and captivates our audience attention every time

— Deb Davies, L.Ac

Thank you for your informative seminar. I am so appreciative of your pertinent information, just when I needed it

— Ruth Kooi




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