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In 2001, Dr. Heiner Frei developed his Polarity Analysis (PA) for use in a rigorous Swiss double-blind study investigating the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of hyperactive children. He and his team were able to demonstrate the superiority of high-potency remedies as compared to placebo, using the reliability that PA affords in remedy selection – resulting in an astonishing 84% success rate. Prospective outcome studies performed since then on both acute and chronic diseases have confirmed PA’s dependability.

A globe showing the line between the north and south polesBased on Hahnemann’s favourite repertory, Clemens von Bœnninghausen's
Therapeutic Pocketbook (1846), Polarity Analysis uses strict proving data and grading, and employs Bœnninghausen’s concept of contraindications. Put simply, many symptoms – and modalities, in particular – can have a bipolar expression, and these both may be found in the same remedy. For example, “covering aggravates” is found in Aconite (Grade 4), and yet this remedy also shows up in “covering ameliorates” (Grade 1). Polarity Analysis seeks to deal with these opposite symptoms and utilizes the difference in grades to mathematically determine a plus/minus for each specific symptom (the Polarity Difference). The remedy best indicated for the patient will be the one that has the highest polarity difference in favour of the totality of symptoms that the patient has furnished in self-reported checklists and questionnaires, provided there are no contraindications. Efficient. Accurate. Reliable.

We invite you to attend this fascinating and highly useful six-week course, presented by none other than the inventor of Polarity Analysis, Dr. Heiner Frei. You will develop a profound understanding of the concepts behind, and the practical application of, Polarity Analysis, for immediate implementation into your own practice. To help deepen your learning, there will be a multitude of case analyses, including of the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Enteritis
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Cough
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Skin Diseases
  • And more…

Classical-style theater masks: comedy and tragedyParticipants will not only have the opportunity to learn Polarity Analysis from the original source, but are also encouraged to download the PA software ( and repertorize along with Dr. Frei throughout the course.

In an age when evidence-based medicine is now the rule, Polarity Analysis provides us with a tool with which to respond to homeopathy’s harshest critics, and to help move our profession into the realm of accepted scientific modality. Because there is no substitute for reliable results.

Reliability. It’s something we, as homeopaths, seek each and every day. We ask of our patients to accurately and reliably report their symptoms. We require reliable remedies that are prepared to high, exacting standards. And we depend on our repertories to reliably point us in the right direction towards the correct remedy selection. But difficulty arises when multiple, plausible remedies crop up in the analysis, and we can’t always reliably be sure which is the similimum. Getting close can yield ultimately unsatisfying results, and the toll on our patients – and our profession’s reputation – can be onerous.


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ABOUT Heiner Frei

Heiner Frei was born and lives in Switzerland. After graduating from medical school in 1977, he specialized in Pediatrics and served for several years as Head Physician in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital of Bern. In 1987, he began his own private practice and training in homeopathy, and was president of the Swiss Association of Homeopathic Physicians from 2001 to 2005.

Dr. Frei’s homeopathic research activities focus on clinical studies about acute ENT diseases, ADD/ADHD, H1N1-Influenza, and the treatment of multi-morbid patients. He was study coordinator of the rigorous Swiss double blind study on the homeopathic treatment of ADHD, which yielded scientific evidence for a specific effect of homeopathic medicines. In 2001, Dr. Frei developed “Polarity Analysis”, a new approach to improve the precision of homeopathic prescriptions, and has published numerous articles on the subject. He teaches homeopathy in Europe, India, and the United States, and has written four books on different aspects of Polarity Analysis and ADD/ADHD, including “Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy” and “Homeopathy and ADHD.” He has received several research awards for his scientific work. His latest work is Polarity Analysis software, a repertory with symptoms divided into three reliability classes, which allow for even more precise prescriptions. 




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