Eric Foxman

I have experienced the value of homeopathic and complementary medicine both as a patient and as a pharmacist. At the same time, I am aware that one of the biggest challenges for complimentary pharmaceutical companies is the need to comply with the regulations required of them, while providing the dependable service and formulations appropriate for these medicines.

For 4 decades, I have been involved with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States in a number of capacities, including on its Board, and as chair of the Council on Pharmacy. In this latter role, I have been intimately involved in the review and revision of compendial documents to keep them current with contemporary regulatory expectations.

As the Senior Scientist of the HPCUS, I oversee updates, communications and the implementation of changes for the on-line HPUS as the only non-governmental regulatory reference for the identification, quality and production of homeopathic drug products. For more than a quarter century, I have also been active on the Monograph Review and the Standards & Controls Committees and their on-going HPUS work.

Many in the industry know me as a long-time member or company representative of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists; my involvement dates back to 1979. In my 10th year of the third term on the Board of Directors, I have worked on Continuing Education modules for pharmacists, education presentations for health care practitioners and consumers and position statements of the Association. I have been a presenter or host of numerous AAHP Compliance Thru Education webinars addressing legal, regulatory and technical aspects of the manufacture and marketing of homeopathic drug products include eight annual webinars covering updates to the HPUS, plus many others on facets of regulations that impact the manufacture and use of homeopathic drug products.