Translating the Language of the Patient

 ACHENA Approved for 12 Hours!

Translating the Language of the Patient
into the Language of the Repertory

a Six-week Course
with Will Taylor, MD


Introductory Session

Working from our Patients’ words to the Language of our Literature - how do we move from Interview and Observation to Analysis?

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In his instructions on casetaking, Hahnemann tells us that, “Once the totality of the symptoms that principally determine and distinguish the disease case - in other words, the image of any kind of disease - has been exactly recorded, the most difficult work is done.” (our emphasis)

But is it? For most of us, the work has just begun!
The task of translating the patient's subjective words - and our objective observations - into the language of our literature is a daunting one.

In this 6-week course, we'll explore a variety of approaches for accomplishing this essential task (in both print & electronic literature), addressing such topics as:

  • Understanding a 'Complete Symptom' and what to look for in the Repertory.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the structure and content of contemporary repertories.
  • Working with the language: archaic words, technical jargon, anatomical and pathological terminology.
  • The perils of working with English translations of 19th-century German literature.
  • Identifying and working with entry-points into the repertory.
  • Effective use of Cross References, Synonyms and Concepts Files in the (electronic) Synthesis Repertory.
  • Structure and use of “specialty” repertories: Roberts' and Ward's Sensations As If, Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook, Phatak's and Boericke's Repertories, Clark's Clinical Repertory, and more.
  • Navigating and using the Mind and Dreams sections of the repertory.
  • When to use Local v/s General modalities and sensations.
  • Evaluating the reliability and completeness of a rubric.
  • How and when to use combined and crossed rubrics in an analysis.
  • Understanding the meaning of a rubric using a comparative study of its remedies.
  • Reconciling the repertory with primary materia medica.

All of this will be explored in the context of casework, with one or more new cases posted each week, carefully chosen to illustrate the concepts and approaches we'll be bringing into focus.

About Dr. Taylor

"My inspiration in creating these courses, is to provide the kind of education I wish I'd been able to find earlier in my career. Much of what I've learned along the way is from my own mistakes. And I've made plenty of them - hopefully enough to spare you the need to accumulate your own collection. I look forward to working with you, & hope you can join me in this adventure."

Dr. Will Taylor, a research scientist, medical doctor and naturalist, will bring nearly three decades of clinical experience to this unique course on understanding the language of your patients.

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I am so delighted to have discovered Dr. Taylor as a teacher. He is among the best I have encountered. His depth of knowledge, understanding of disease, and humility make him a joy to learn with. He presents a high bar with his dedication to excellence, which inspires us to reach farther with our own professional development.


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Translating the Language of the Patient

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Praise for Dr. Taylor

I adore Will's presentation style, have had him several times as a teacher at the school I attended. I appreciate his sense of humour and movie quotes. I will listen to him anytime. If I could afford to take all his online classes, I would.
Please tell Will Taylor that I thoroughly enjoyed his course and he is a fantastic teacher. He has such an easy going manner, very in depth knowledge, humor and clear teaching that it is pure pleasure to hear him.

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