Snake Remedies

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Kim Elia

In this home study course, recorded live, Kim Elia (bio) covers a total of 21 different snake remedies, reviewing materia medica and cases for each. This course is guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable images of these remedies.

dendroaspis polyepis

Learn to recognize these snake remedies in a clinical situation. Cases will bring out essential features of each remedy, as well as provide a deep understanding of the many facets seen in clinical practice.

Kim will also focus on important differentials between the snake remedies and other non-snake remedies from our materia medica.

The snake remedies covered in this recorded course include:

Lachesis mutus, Naja trupudians, Crotalus horridus, Crotalus cascavella, Cerastes cerastes,Elaps corallinus, Cenchris contortrix, Vipera berus, Vipera aspis, Bothrops lanceolatus, Bothrops alternatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops jararacussu, Toxicophis pugnax, Bungarus fasciatus, Bitis arietans (Clotho arietans), Dendroaspis polylepis, Echis carinatus, Python regia, Hydrophis cyanocinctus, Oxyuranus scutulettus.


Snake Remedies cover

Snake Remedies

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Praise for Kim Elia

Kim brings to homeopathy a unique knowledge of materia medica, repertories and advanced case analysis. Anybody who has heard Kim once would certainly want to hear him again and again. I have learned many things from Kim, and indeed, through his long career as a teacher, Kim has cultivated a vast knowledge from which many others will be able to learn also.
— Farokh Master, MD (bio)
Kim Elia is a remarkable teacher. He has a very deep understanding of the principles and practice of homeopathy, but most notably, the ability to communicate these clearly and systematically. I've been quite impressed with his ability to introduce complex topics to beginning students in ways they can easily comprehend.
— Will Taylor, MD (bio)
Kim Elia is one of our most exciting and dynamic homeopathy teachers. He is a literal wealth of information, not only homeopathic philosophy and practice but in the historical sequences that created homoeopathy. Highly recommended.
— Jeremy Sherr (bio)

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