The Homeopathic Management of Cardiovascular Disease

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The Homeopathic Management of Cardiovascular Disease
a Six-week Course
with Farokh Master, MD and Will Taylor, MD


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Dr. Master and Dr. Taylor share from their extensive clinical experience a glimpse into how homeopathy can be used to help your patients with Cardiovascular Disease.

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NOTE: Participants in the Cardiovascular course will earn 1 additional Homeopathic Education Hour by passing the quiz on this session. Available to course participants only.

Cardiovascular disease (also called heart disease) is a class of diseases that involve the heart, the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, and veins) or both. It is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Homeopathy offers a significant complementary role in the treatment of most cases of cardiovascular disease. Although studies evaluating the benefits of homeopathic treatment in cardiovascular illness are limited, this modality has been used extensively in the treatment of a broad range of cardiac illnesses over the past two centuries.

Over the course of six sessions, Dr. Farokh Master and Dr. Will Taylor share their experience and successes working with this group of patients. With a combined clinical experience of over 50 years this promises to be one of the best on-line offerings WHN has ever made.

Each homeopathic medicine in the pharmacopeia has demonstrated effects on multiple organ systems and pathologies. Several medicines do exert particular emphasis upon the cardiovascular system. These sessions will discuss some of the most common remedies used in the treatment of heart disease while gleaning invaluable clinical tips from a host of cured cases.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Complications of Myocardial Infarction
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Left Ventricular Failure
  • Right Ventricular Failure
  • Pulmonary Heart Disease
  • Cardio Respiratory Failure
  • Myocarditis
  • Endocarditis

These conditions are presented in the context of cases drawn from the clinical experiences of Dr. Master and Dr. Taylor.

About Dr. Master & Dr. Taylor

Farokh Master (bio) and Will Taylor (bio) are two of today's most engaging homeopathic teachers. Building on a classical foundation – and on a combined experience of over 50 years – this 'Dynamic Duo' brings modern clinical practice to life in an accessible, practical and unforgettable style.


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The Homeopathic Management of Cardiovascular Disease

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Kim Elia will be offering a special 2-hour session on Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease as an adjunct to this course. Information and registration here:

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Reg. $400 SALE $225

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Praise for Dr. Master

Dr. Master’s highly focused classical approach is a wonderful reminder of the simplicity and depth of good classical homeopathy. So much can be learned from his deep understanding of the core tenets of homeopathy, his grasp of the Organon and his extensive clinical experience. His pediatric book is one of our core resources at Teleosis as his grasp of how materia medica comes alive in children is unsurpassed. I highly recommend his books and seminars!
- Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA), Core Faculty, Teleosis, Boston
...You are highly regarded, not only by me but by homeopaths worldwide, as one of the most astute homeopathic physicians and teachers in the world today. It would be an honor to work by your side in this new endeavor.
- Dr. Mitchell Fleisher, USA
You return from a seminar by Dr. Master and you realise you were able to pack in a lot more than you imagined yourself capable of, in those couple of days. He is a storehouse of knowledge who shares whole heartedly with every sincere learner. A patient and thorough teacher, we get the benefit of going through groups of remedies to cases of varying degrees of complexity. What is most remarkable is that he can still think like a student when he addresses doubts and questions. In short, a wonderful learning experience.
- Suman S., Singapore
Your seminar was the biggest inspiration for my homeopathic life. I saw homeopathy as it could be!
At the moment I am busy starting up my clinic related to the HvNA. We will call it 'Het Homeopathisch Gezondheidscentrum' (Homeopathic Heath Centre) to honour what I've seen in Bombay
- Paul Albers, Senior teacher, Hogeschool voor Naturgeneeswijzen Arnhem, Holland
Thanks for your great speech. We just analyzed the feedback we received and you were again by far the most popular speaker. We received a total of 68 feedbacks. Out of them 53 found you very good and 7 good. People commented that your surname "Master" is very suitable for you.
- Katrine Sigwart, Narayan Publishers, Germany

Praise for Dr. Taylor

I wanted to thank you yet again for another wonderful course. You certainly are a talented educator with so much experience, I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity of learning from you and also for the invention of webinars! Thanks to you and your WHN team, I am now addicted and find it really hard to resist each new series on offer.
I adore Will's presentation style, have had him several times as a teacher at the school I attended. I appreciate his sense of humour and movie quotes. I will listen to him anytime. If I could afford to take all his online classes, I would.
Please tell Will Taylor that I thoroughly enjoyed his course and he is a fantastic teacher. He has such an easy going manner, very in depth knowledge, humor and clear teaching that it is pure pleasure to hear him.

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