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Marijke Creveld

Marijke Creveld, PhD. was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated the University Utrecht in 1973 as a researcher in plant ecology, and in 1981 she completed her Ph.D. in plant ecology.

Marijke has conducted fieldwork on lichen ecology in Norway and on old, indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. She was a biology teacher from 1970-1996.

Ms. Creveld trained at The Dutch School for Natural Medicine. She also followed courses by George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Jonathan Shore. She has been in private practice as a homeopath since 1989, occasionally integrating spiritual and shamanistic therapies into her practice.

In 1999, as a Homeopathic Researcher, she began making new homeopathic remedies using tree roots, which she connected to silicon (15 Radix remedies). She conducted dream provings of these remedies and has written and lectured about her research.

These provings lead to the discovery and manufacture of the Diospyros kaki remedy in the year 2000. This remedy comes from the Nagasaki Kaki tree that survived the 1945 plutonium bomb destruction in Japan. In 2005, Marijke carried out a dream proving with the remedy Methuselah Tree (Pinus longaeva, also known as Bristlecone Pine), the oldest tree in the world.

Marijke lives and works in Zwolle (the Netherlands). She is a member of the Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths.

Ms. Creveld has published several articles on her proving work, and has taught about these remedies since 2001.

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