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Synergy Homeopathic is pleased to make available the completely revised and re-translated The Bönninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method! Long known as the most faithful index of Hahnemann's materia medicas, the Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR2) gives you direct citations to the most reliable drug provings ever conducted.

The result of 13 years of work and myriad revisions by one of the most brilliant homeopaths of all time, the original Therapeutic Pocketbook was constructed from the provings contained in Samuel Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura and Chronic Diseases. Bönninghausen indexed the characteristic elements of each proving symptom, which allows the user to reconstruct from the repertory a complete symptom that can be verified from original source material.

This English edition (TBR2) of Bönninghausen's work has been carefully translated, re-organized and annotated by Australian practitioner and homeopathic scholar, George Dimitriadis.

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in this free session, Dr. Oskin will clarify the concept of vexation, comparing rubrics in Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook with Kent's Repertory. He will illustrate the practical application of the vexation rubrics and show how to utilize them for better results in clinical practice.

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Praise for Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook

Here’s what past homeopaths had to say about Bönninghausen and the Therapeutic Pocketbook:

Bönninghausen, following and working with Hahnemann, is the fountain head for the analysis and classification of symptoms from which we all draw. - Stuart Close
I submit that of all plans which have ever been adopted, that of Bönninghausen is the best. - Timothy Field Allen
The repertory which is the most indispensable to the thorough study of a difficult case still remains Bönninghausen’s Pocket Book. ­- A. McNeil
[Bönninghausen’s] little work on this subject although not recent, is still of great value to the student. It is a misfortune for our American students that our translators selected the elementary works of Jahr in preference to Bönninghausen. ­- Carroll Dunham

Fatal Errors!

The English repertories in use today have nearly all been derived from James Tyler Kent’s Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Kent compiled his repertory from other repertories and materia medicas of the time, but he did not speak German, and many of the translations he and his students worked from were inaccurate. Kent also transposed symptoms from different repertorial systems into his own Swedenborgian system. As a consequence, Kent’s repertory contains errors and classification difficulties that have been passed on into the modern repertories. Unfortunately, the previous English editions of Bönninghausen’s work have also been either poorly translated or adulterated by conflicting repertorial methods.

The TBR2 -­ Unprecedented Reliability!

In 1995, George Dimitriadis decided to practice exclusively from the Therapeutic Pocketbook. Inspired by the results he achieved in practice, Dimitriadis began constructing an accurate translation, re-organized for easier use, incorporating updated remedy relationships from Bönninghausen, and including a full glossary of rubric definitions and analyses by Dimitriadis. Each of the 2,250 rubrics is numbered, so that it can be referenced to the 136 pages of endnotes, for explanations and references to the original German.

The result is the most reliable homeopathic repertory in existence, compiled from the best homeopathic materia medica of Hahnemann, constructed systematically by Bönninghausen, translated accurately by Dimitriadis et al., and annotated extensively for your understanding and effective application. The Bönninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method is guaranteed to provide you with greater success in your practice!

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what others are saying about George Dimitriadis’ English translation of the Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook:

Having had the privilege of discussing Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook [TBR2] with George, I can only say that I am thoroughly impressed with the level of real scholarship I see. His eye for detail and thoroughness are impressive. His writing style and extensive footnotes offer the reader clarity and simplicity with the option of depth and further elaboration. Wow. I am a total fan!
- Joe Kellerstein, ND
The TBR2 may seem expensive, but it has revolutionized the way I practice, I now have no need for any other repertories. The TBR2 has allowed me to gain a much better accuracy in prescribing and to have that confidence when you give your patient the medicine has been well worth the price.
- Michelle George
I am personally grateful to George Dimitriadis because I was inspired to study Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook in-depth after seeing him speak at the 2013 JAHC convention in Reston, Virginia. Although I was trained primarily in post-Kentian repertorisation, I have now been utilizing George Dimitriadis' English translation of Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook [TBR2] almost exclusively for the past two years and have seen significant improvements in the accuracy of homœopathic prescriptions and clinical results. Dimitriadis' tireless efforts with over 15 years of work to edit Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook have made TBR2 the most accurate and reliable repertory available on the market today. The history of the Pocketbook and instructions for its use in the prologues are invaluable. TBR2 is also the only repertory with an extensive exegesis explaining the meanings of rubrics with reference to the primary provings. Dimitriadis' work is meticulous and evidences that he is one of the greatest scholars of pure Hahnemannian homœopathy today.
- Jamie Oskin, ND
If you read the prologue and protologue carefully, you will realize that this work is ‘priceless’! Worth having at any price.
- Manish Bhatia

Comprehensive and Meticulous

George Dimitriadis’ English translation of the Therapeutic Pocketbook has been seamlessly integrated into MacRepertory in its totality. In addition to getting the complete repertory with the invaluable endnotes, you also receive the prologue and other important introductory texts. Our team of programmers and consultants has worked for over a year to ensure that the electronic version of the TBR2 in MacRepertory is completely faithful to the printed version of this essential work.

Carroll Dunham describes a visit with Baron Clemens Maria von Bönninghausen:

Living in the little city of Münster in patriarchal simplicity, [Bönninghausen] is occupied during more than half of every day by office patients; his correspondence with patients in different parts of Europe, keeps him busy for several hours more, and every day he receives letters of consultation from various European physicians, while hardly a season passes without bringing him as a visitor some Homœopath, young or old, seeking instruction in Homœopathy, or advice for some specially difficult case of disease. It were difficult to imagine a more hospitable reception than he accords to all. I have found in the course of my journeyings, that many of the best homœopaths of Europe are to a greater or less extent his pupils; and quite a number of the most brilliant discoveries and cures made in different countries by practitioners of our school were suggested by him in correspondence.

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