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Author Collections (26), Classical Studies (6), Contemporary Articles (12), Special Reports (2)

Author Collections

George Vithoulkas' Articles (7)

George Vithoulkas' overall vision is the establishment of classical Hahnemannian homeopathy on a worldwide basis. A major goal in this vision is the foundation of homeopathic medical colleges in the USA and Europe where homeopathy can be taught at the highest level.

David Little's Articles (4)

David Little, one of the foremost authorities on LM and Centesimal remedies, offers an in-depth look at areas of expertise. David's understanding & significant clinical success are built on his thorough study of the original microfiches of Hahnemann's Paris Casebooks.

Will Taylor's Articles (15)

Taking the Case: A Series
Don't miss this series of fifteen powerful essays & articles. Dr. Taylor's highly insightful writings originate from his teaching materials for The Homeopathy School in New York.

Classical Studies

A Contribution to the Judgement Concerning
The Characteristic Value of Symptoms

by Clemens Franz Maria von Boenninghausen
A classic essay from one of homeopathy's greatest practitioners.

The Study of Materia Medica

by Caroll Dunham, M.D.
A substantial article, excerpted from "The Science of Therapeutics", written by this renowned student of Boenninghausen.

The Medical Observer

by Samuel Hahnemann
In this article, taken from the introduction to the print version of Materia Medica Pura, Hahnemann addresses the precision and depth of discipline required for effective medical observation. In addition to describing the pitfalls of ANY preconception or bias, he decries conventional medicine's utter lack of precision in observing the symptoms of diseased states.

The Study of Materia Medica

by Constantine Hering
Dr. Hering published this classic essay in 1837 – and homeopaths from that time on have had an excellent blueprint for study of the homeopathic materia medica. It's still one of the most practical methods for attaining mastery of the remedies.

Remedies Related to Pathological Tissue Changes

by James Tyler Kent
A 1912 article from The Homeopathician.

Ascertaining the Curative Power of Drugs

by Samuel Hahnemann
from the 1796 Essay on a New Principle Ascertaining the Curative Power of Drugs

Contemporary Articles

Homeopathy and the Digital Revolution

by By Dr. Morris Zubkewych, DC, D.Ac, D.Hom.
Dr. Zubkewych and Scott Flowers of The BRIT Team have been researching the use of digital homeopathy and seen remarkable clinical results. This article showcases this remarkable new frontier – a discipline that is uncovering the biophysical mechanisms at work in homeopathy.

Hahnemann Revisited

by Luc De Schepper, M.D.,Ph.D.,C.HOM., DI.HOM.,Lic.AC.
Dr. De Schepper has kindly consented to allow us to publish the Introduction to his 1999 book, Hahnemann Revisited: A Textbook of Classical Homeopathy for the Professional. In this overview, de Schepper paints a fascinating portrait of the life of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.

A Closer Look at Keynotes

by Paul Herscu ND, DHANP
Dr. Herscu opens by stating: " is the things we assume we understand that often lead us to failure." In this article, he brings new clarity to our understanding of Keynotes by relating them to his concept of Segments - and in doing so, helps us all to uncover the correct remedy with greater certainty.

Difficulties in Repertorizing - Why We Need a New Perspective

by Paul Herscu, N.D.
The theory behind the segments and cycles of the Herscu Module. For more in depth information, please see the book entitled Stramonium by Dr. Paul Herscu.

Translating the Symptoms - from the language of the patient, to the language of the repertory

by Farokh Master
In this article Dr. Master presents an overview of materials from his US seminars in spring 2003. Reading his approach you will begin to see why Dr. Master's prescribing skills are so profoundly accurate. And you will also know why his teaching skills are praised so highly.

How to Achieve the Best Possible Results with the Vithoulkas Expert System

by Steve Olsen, N.D.
Considerations when taking the case that allow you to maximize the effectiveness and strengths of the Vithoulkas Expert System.

History of Repertories and the Synthesis Project

by Dr. Frederik Schroyens
A brief description and history of the evolution of repertories starting with Clemens von Boenninghausen up to the present time.

Sources, Criteria and Procedure for Additions to the Synthesis Repertory

by Dr. Frederik Schroyens
A thorough description of the procedures and protocols required for making additions to the Synthesis Repertory.

An Interview with Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr, from American Homeopath
A reprint of the highly informative American Homeopath interview with Jeremy Sherr: prover of Hydrogen, Chocolate, and Scorpion - and founder of the Dynamis School. A depth conversation with a dynamic practitioner who teaches in 7 countries and maintains an active practice.

Scientific Evidence for Homeopathic Medicine

by Dana Ullman, M.P.H.
There is considerably more laboratory and clinical research on homeopathic medicine than most people realize. In this article, Dana Ullman offers information on many examples of "establishment" research that support the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.

Outline of the Organon of Samuel Hahnemann

by Julian Winston
An extremely useful outline for the study of the Organon.

Special Reports

Secale cornutum

by Alfons Geukens
A list of additions for Spigelia anthelmia, presented by Dr. Alfons Geukens at the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) conference in Chicago, IL, June 28 - July 1, 2001.

Spigelia anthelmia

by Alfons Geukens
A list of additions for Spigelia anthelmia, presented by Dr. Alfons Geukens at the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) conference in Chicago, IL, June 28 - July 1, 2001.