George Vithoulkas

George Vithoulkas' overall vision is the establishment of homeopathy on a worldwide basis. A major goal in this vision is the foundation of homeopathic medical colleges in the USA and Europe where homeopathy can be taught at the highest level.

George has graciously given us permission to publish a number of his articles that communicate the clinical success and homeopathic wisdom that have marked his career as a master homeopath.

Index of George Vithoulkas' Articles

British Media Attacks on Homeopathy: Are They Justified?

"The attacks may be serving opportunism, vested interests or even the hatred of those opposed to homeopathy," writes Vithoulkas. "However if we are honest, we must accept that they also draw ammunition from the ranks of homeopathy because of irresponsibility on our part."

Is Hahnemannian Homeopathy Doomed to go into Oblivion Again?

Unfortunately many students of homeopathy are receptive to the myths and stories concocted by flights of wild imagination, and many so-called teachers have risen to fill this gap.

Taking Symptoms for Repertorization and Learning the Criteria for Underlining

Sometimes important symptoms can be hidden which represent the center of the case. Once put into the language of the repertory they become strong, unusual and clear symptoms that will help to find the correct remedy.

Techniques for Successful Repertorization

Learn how master homeopath George Vithoulkas views the complexities of repertorization and the skills necessary to find the simillimum.

Strategies of Case-Taking

George Vithoulkas shares his succesful approach on when to disregard the computer, and some useful questions to ask yourself while taking a case.

The Vithoulkas Expert System - Formulas for Prioritizing Symptoms

A repertorization method more valuable than flat repertorization because it matches the topographical and qualitative nature of your patient to the topographical and qualitative nature of the Repertory. Goes far beyond flat repertorization strategies by mimicking the way an experienced homeopath thinks.

How to Achieve the Best Possible Results with the Vithoulkas Expert System

by Steve Olsen, N.D.
Considerations when taking the case that allow you to maximize the effectiveness and strengths of the Vithoulkas Expert System.