Here is another case that was seen in 1989 in Germany. These are the first six symptoms from the case:

Hair on unusual parts of the skin (3).
Tendency to take colds (3).
Chill in the night (2).
Pains in the head pressing outward (2).
Skin crawling, itching (3).
Sleeps on her abdomen (1).

The flat repertorization did not reveal too much and too many possibilities were given. On checking, the Expert System suggested looking at Tuberculinum. An interesting idea as this remedy was not in the original flat repertorization. Now I tried to confirm the idea of Tuberculinum by asking about the food desires. They were:

Desires spices (3).

Now Phos., Sulphur and China became possible choices.

Brittle fingernails (2)

was the next symptom revealed.

On the flat repertorization Tuberculinum was in the 10th position. Now I also had Med. and Phos. to consider as they had been pushed forward on the Expert System. As humans we can easily be prejudiced towards one remedy. The Expert System does not accept the prejudices as easily and will give you all the possibilities in a case at any moment. I still wanted to inquire about Tuberculinum and asked about the desire for pork, as I know how people needing this remedy love pork so much. The answer was:

"yes, I like it very much"(3).

Both the confidence and absolute score of Tuberculinum rose after entering this symptom. It also pushed Medorrhinum and suggested I check it out more thoroughly. I then discovered she had:

Changeable moods (2).

Medorrhinum was still there as was Calc.phos., but Tuberculinum was even further ahead. I was still not totally convinced but I knew Tuberculinum has swollen breasts before menses so I asked her and got another confirmation symptom.

Mammae swell before menses (2).

At this point the system did not even consider another remedy, but I still wanted to know more about the case. I inquired further:

Cracks in the skin in winter (1).

Now Calcarea, Sepia and Sulphur became stronger. The system stayed with the correct remedy Tuberculinum. In the following last two symptoms Tuberculinum did not appear, but this is not important because they were not strong symptoms and the Expert System also did not find them a good reason to change its mind. These symptoms were:

Ravenous appetite preventing sleep (1)
Odor of menses putrid (1).

This case was cured with Tuberculinum.