Find the Remedy

In this section, WholeHealthNow offers you groups of exercises to help in your study of Materia Medica. Each exercise presents a description of symptoms and you uncover the associated remedy. Every answer is accompanied by:

  • The Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) analysis of the symptoms, presented as a screenshot
  • A list of KEYNOTES from the RADAR program
  • A downloadable query file for EH owners, so they can duplicate the analysis with their own program.

Using Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH)

and its unique analysis capability, you can compare the remedies that are closely related to the correct answer. This is one of the best ways to study materia medica and learn new remedies - by associating remedies based on their similarities and differences, as opposed to trying to memorize long lists of symptoms.

Hering's Essay

One of the most valuable articles ever written about how to study the remedies is Constantine Hering's On the Study of Homeopathic Materia Medica, first published in 1837. Hering's approach brings solid mastery and fresh insight – and deserves modern rediscovery.

Dunham's Article

As a further aid, we've extracted a section from the Science of Therapeutics by Carroll Dunham M.D., called Study of the Materia Medica. Here Dunham describes, in significant detail, the process of studying remedies through characteristic symptoms and comparison.


The exercises for this section are graciously provided by Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar of Iran. You can learn more about Dr. Shahrdar and his work from his website at