An Arthritis Case

submitted by George Vithoulkas
An arthritis case illustrating how to interact with the computer in the most beneficial way.

A Case of Frequent Colds

submitted by George Vithoulkas
A case of frequent colds using the Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) to find the correct remedy.

Causation Cases and Cases With No Essence

submitted by George Vithoulkas
The etiological prescription - using causation symptoms as a starting point to find the remedy. Also, what to do when there is no clear essence.

Cholera Cured with Phosphorus

by Adolph Lippe, MD
A solitary dose relieved agonizing symptoms

Chronic Leg Ulcer – an Asafoetida case

with discussion by Karl Robinson, MD
Here is a historical case from 1826 - cured with a single dose. Dr. Robinson raises an interesting question in his discussion: would we make call for the same remedy today, based on the clear physical symptoms? Or would we over-emphasize the mental components and miss the cure?

Fear of Insanity and Delusion of Being Possessed by the Devil

From The Journal of Homeopathic Clinics
Edited by Constantine Hering and Henry Noah Martin

Tic Douloureux

submitted by Harvey Farrington, MD
Two new symptoms place the case in a new light

Two Cases by Hahnemann

From the Reine Arzneimittellehre, pt. il, 3d edit. 1833. The cases here given originally appeared around 1817 in the first edition of the R. A. M. L.