Pandemic Update #7

with Kim Elia

Recorded Monday, December 21, 2021

It's getting pretty weird out there!

Internment. Mandatory vaccination. Segregation of whole sections of society. Mass sackings. A drumbeat media consensus. The systematic censoring of dissent. The deliberate creation by the state and the press of a climate of fear and suspicion. What could possibly justify this?

In Pandemic Update #7, Kim addresses all of these questions, and more.

  • Are the "vaccines" really working the way they were designed to?
  • Are the "vaccines" leading to more vulnerability in people who have received the shot?
  • If the "vaccine" does not stop infection or spreading the virus, what is the logic of locking unvaccinated people down or imposing vaccine passports? Does this make any sense? And if not, why are the shots being mandated?
  • What have we learned about the natural immunity created after contracting the disease? If natural immunity is long standing and robust, why are we mandating those who are already protected?
  • What do we know about the possibility that the "vaccines" are actually driving the creation of variants through the process of immune escape?
  • What are toll-like receptors and what is the impact of having them suppressed using the mRNA technology?
  • How can we justify vaccinating children for a disease for which they have low risk of serious adverse effects, with an unknown and untested therapy?
  • Are deaths and injuries from the vaccines being hidden and suppressed?
  • Why have all other treatments, even those that have been documented to be effective both in the prevention and treatment of Covid, been ignored or suppressed?
  • Is there any significant evidence that lockdowns of healthy people, with all the subsequent social, economic and personal harm that they cause, have worked or is a viable strategy?
  • Is COVID-19 really the threat we are being told it is? And why has it been necessary to censor, threaten and dismiss any alternative analysis of the pandemic?