Let me start with my conclusion:

Dr Gheorghe Jurj is a remarkable Doctor, Homœopath and Teacher with an enormous amount of clinical knowledge to impart to our Homœopathic community. As a person he is as warm wise and knowledgeable as his smile is wide and genuine.

Now for some details:
Gheorghe is an MD practising Homœopathy in Romania for more than 30 years.
He holds a PhD in Semiotics. Semiotics is the study of how we use signs and symbols to create meaning and how that meaning is then communicated. Gheorghe has brought together Semiotics and Homœopathy in a wonderful way.
When we as Homœopaths take a case, the weight of consideration goes to the verbal expressions of the patient with perhaps some observational notes. Hahnemann says in a footnote to Aphorism 22.
“When made ill by noxious agents, our life principle cannot do anything else than express its depression caused by disturbance of the regularity of its life, by symptoms, by means of which the intelligent physician is ask for aid.”
The changes which occur in illness are a message from the vitality requesting exactly the needed remedial assistance.

Gheorghe’s teaching opens our eyes like never before. For decades he has been asking the question “how can what I Observe guide me towards a remedy.” Objective signs do not lie. He has been teaching Post Graduate courses in Homœopathy to Physicians in Romania, Spain and South America for many years. I have been asking him to bring his marvellous work to an English speaking audience and just now he has agreed.

There is so much to enjoy learning from this excellent teacher. Consider the following that he has taught in his many courses:

Many of these are his original observations and many were excavated from the literature. He takes this art and science of non-verbal signs in Homœopathy to an unheard of level. More than this Gheorghe has over the decades made videos of his patients. An enormous video library showing the results he has achieved. He utilizes this as an excellent teaching tool allowing us to experience these meaningful signs in actual patients.

Studying with this man and this video evidence is a great clinical education.

Please do not miss this. I know I will be there.

Joe Kellerstein, DC, ND, FCAH, CCH