When I first met Dr. Gheorghe Jurj, many years ago, well before the time of webinars and Zoom meetings, he sent me a CD by regular mail. When I opened it, I could hardly believe my eyes. His was an approach to homeopathy practice unlike anything any practitioner ever knew, no matter their experience, whether short or very, very long. Countless times I had occasion to witness the same surprise and amazement among very experienced practitioners around the world.

When you first enter the world of Gheorghe’s practice, nothing you ever learned will prepare you for this experience. You will be challenged at every turn. Gheorghe doesn’t “lecture,” but he “puts problems,” as he likes to say. And the problems he puts are those all of us meet in real-life, everyday clinical practice. Gheorghe’s ultimate aim is not to teach you “a method,” much less a sophisticated and complex theoretical system—even though he has a doctorate in philosophy, his dissertation is precisely on the deep semiotic aspects of homeopathic symptoms.

Gheorghe will ask you “what do you see?”

In his courses, indeed, you will learn how to see in a homeopathically relevant way. Then you’ll realize that up to then you behaved as a blind pilot, steering your aircraft exclusively based on oral instructions received through a highly noisy and distorted channel.

At the same time, Gheorghe will focus on how to think in a practical, clinical way. You will learn how to integrate all possible sources of information—what the patient says, their attitude and behavior, and the incredible uniqueness of the physical manifestations of the countless homeopathic remedies.

In Gheorghe’s courses, you will not sit comfortably to listen to a lecture and note down wonderful pearls of wisdom. He will not show you “spectacular cases” he magically solved through an out-of-this-world perception. He will put you face-to-face to consultations filmed real-time. After a few minutes (yes! a few minutes!) he will tell you: “This is the case! What is the remedy?” He will then go back painstakingly, second by second, pointing out to a million of signs, symptoms, individual characteristics, you simply could not see. And he’ll explain you carefully how all this information is essentially interconnected, and thus points to one single homeopathic medicine or family of medicines.

Dr. Jurj understood, and masters like no one else the most important among Samuel Hahnemann’s teachings: to develop our capacity to observe, “refining and regulating the perceptions of the senses,” and at the same time, sharpening our faculty of judgment, while suspending all “fantastic wit and speculation.”

Silvia Waisse, MD, PhD, BC Homeopathy
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of journal Homeopathy
Former Executive Editor of Revista de Homeopatia
See the special dossier “Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy”