This was a wonderful piece of homeopathy!! Excellent, you took the viewer on a guided tour of a very difficult and baffling case and you came out on top with the remedy nobody could have imagined! So it was a great success.

I watched it unfolding like a detective story, very gripping, very engaging and the 'whodunit' came as a surprise I'm sure to many viewers.

T_________!! who would have thought it? So yes it was a remarkable case study. Bravo! thanks very much.

I noticed right at the start you said, 'please look closely for signs,' and you repeated that point several times, and rare, peculiar, I think this is a very good way to learn case taking and also materia medica. You made it clear how closely we must study what the patient is saying and how relevant it is to the case, to finding the remedy.

I also liked your point about the patient being like a prover, that is a wonderful analogy and a very fruitful way of looking at a case...their symptoms, their pathology, their sickness is an expression of a drug exactly like the symptoms of a proving! that I think is a very insightful way of talking about homeopathy in practice, it helps us to see a case as a proving, as an expression of a drug, like the voice of the drug is speaking to us through the patient. And this hits the very pulse of homeopathy where the sickness speaks to us in the same language as the proving if only we could understand what it is saying!