Original Air Date: October 2011 - March 2015

 ACHENA Approved for 2 hours for each 2 hour seminar selected and 4 hours for two part offerings and Kali Cabonicum

Presenter: Kim Elia

Materia medica study is a central part of ongoing homeopathic training. This essential area of study has an unfortunate reputation for being dry and boring, placing it low on the busy practitioner's priority list. Ultimately, however, a sound knowledge of materia medica is pivotal to successful homeopathic practice.

Kim's unique style of presentation keeps you engaged and inspired. These classes focus on proven traditional and contemporary techniques which help both students and practitioners develop a deep understanding of our homeopathic remedies.

Individual Sessions - 2 hours each:

The Study of Materia Medica - Introduction & Veratrum album

Original Air Date: October 5, 2011

From Hering's Diagnostic Method to more thematic approaches, this session will survey the entire spectrum of techniques to this critical component of successful homeopathic practice with a special focus on Veratrum album. Kim will use the study of this important remedy to illustrate how to effectively study materia medica.

The Hell of Helleborous

Original Air Date: November 16, 2011

This class is dedicated to a frequently overlooked member of the Ranunculaceae, Helleborus niger. Most homeopaths are very familiar with other, more well-known remedies in this family: Aconite, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria and Ranunculus bulbosus. This session looks at the often-overlooked Helleborus and its relationship to the others in this group. Kim covers its use in a wide variety of conditions and brings to light its many facets through in-depth study and comparison with similar remedies.

Materia Medica of Autism, Part 1 & 2

Original Air Dates: September 30 & October 7, 2012

Today, the epidemic of autism requires that homeopathic practitioners prepare to meet a unique set of challenges when treating this patient population. In this session, Kim offers case examples and differentiating points among the most commonly used remedies, ensuring participants an enhanced understanding of the effective use of homeopathy in working with autism spectrum disorders.

Materia Medica of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Part 1 & 2

Original Air Dates: April 7 & June 2, 2013

In this session, Kim focuses on the important rubrics for OCD and discusses the most commonly indicated remedies, including differentials. Students and practitioners alike will gain a new level of comfort in determining the most appropriate remedy for each case. Case examples illustrate the differentiating points among the most commonly indicated remedies. You will come away with an enhanced understanding of the remedies effectively used in working with this patient population.

Materia Medica of 'Aethusa cynapium'

Original Air Date: June 18, 2014

In this 2 hour session, Kim will chronicle the history and development of Aethusa cynapium in our Materia Medica, expanding our understanding of this remedy. He will show how George Vithoulkas discovered the chronic picture of Aethusa through his treatment of J. Krishnamurti and other patients. Kim will also present cases to expand your understanding of this remedy in clinical practice. Participants are guaranteed a memorable and dynamic experience.

Materia Medica of Kali carbonicum and the Kali Salts

Original Air Date: March 2015

Described as rigid, inflexible and dogmatic, the image of the Kali carbonicum patient is well known to most homeopaths. But how can we tie together the mental symptoms of this remedy with its well-known physical characteristics and pathologies?

In this exciting new installment of Kim Elia’s series on the Study of Materia Medica, you will develop a three dimensional, dynamic understanding of this important remedy. Using case examples from his own practice, Kim will forge an indelible picture of Kali carbonicum which will facilitate its recognition in any patient for whom it is indicated. Kim will also discuss other Kali salts, their relationship to Kali carbonicum, and specific indications for their use in clinical practice. You are guaranteed to walk away from these two sessions knowing when and how to prescribe this essential group of mineral remedies.