Originally aired November 2014 - February 2015

Presenter: Ralf Jeutter

Module 1 - Treating Dysmenorrhoea and other Gynaecological Complaints

Original air date - November 23 & December 7, 2014

Recognising a case with dissimilar diseases requiring two different remedies, when a smaller remedy is needed, differential materia medica and case management.

Module 2 - Acute Cases from Ghana

Original air dates - December 14 2014 & January 4 2015

Homeopathy's efficacy treating gonorrhoea, typhoid and other infectious diseases. A focus on case analysis strategies with different repertories and materiae medicae, including original sources.

Module 3 - Finding the Newly Proven Remedy

Original air dates - January 18 & February 1 2015

Natrum muriaticum is one of our most over-prescribed remedies. A focus on differentiating between Natrum muriaticum and another new remedy, which is developing into a polychrest in its own right.