The Materia Medica of Grief - Ignatia and Natrum muriaticum

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The Materia Medica of Grief
Ignatia and Natrum muriaticum

with Farokh Master, MD

Two 2-hour Sessions


The loss of a loved one, whether a life partner, a child, a pet or a friend, can be a life-changing experience. Grief can cause complex emotional and physiological responses that lead to physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and spiritual disturbances.

Over the last two centuries, the timely use of Ignatia and Natrium muriaticum has eased the suffering of innumerable homeopathic patients. These are two of our best known remedies, indispensible in both the clinic and the home remedy kit. Yet, these two polychrests are not always easy to recognize. Grief can be fresh and visible, or it may be hidden by the sediment of years and habit.

All too often, these sensitive, self-protective and secretive patients challenge our ability to prescribe a good remedy. As a homeopath, do you know how to recognize the effects of grief?

In this two-session course, Dr. Farokh Master will discuss our two most commonly used grief remedies. Using cases from his own extensive practice of more than 37 years, as well as vivid remedy differentials, he will illustrate nuances little known in practice.

Join one of the world's most clinically experienced practitioners for an intimate look at the remedies that have done so much over the years to assuage the emotional and physical pain of those whose health has been untuned by the loss of a loved one.

About Dr. Master

Dr. Farokh Master is recognized worldwide for his contributions in the treatment of cancer & homeopathy. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards and honors for outstanding contribution to classical homeopathy, cancer and homeopathy, homeopathic education and other alternative therapies. He has also authored more than 55 books. A lifelong learner, Dr. Master is currently pursuing his MD in Advanced Cancer. His current special field of interest includes the treatment of advanced pathological conditions.

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Praise for Dr. Master

I've had the privilege to know Farokh for 12 years, as friend, colleague and mentor. ...Farokh's indefatigable energies and abilities to cut through confusion to the core of an issue combined to create a truly memorable and productive learning experience.

You can “give a man a fish,” but Farokh began the seminar teaching us “how to fish” - how to study a remedy, systematically, reliably, moving from the remedy under study to comparisons and contrasts with concordant remedies both large and small. This approach was repeated as we encountered remedies in casework throughout the conference. ...I've attended many seminars of teachers attempting to innovate in homeopathy, promoting novel ways of working - only to find myself puzzled as to how to apply these teachings back at home in my practice. Farokh drilled down to the essentials - how to observe a case, how to extract the characterizing information, how to find this represented in our literature and recognize simillitude in a remedy. There was something here for everyone - essential foundations for the well-established practitioner as well as for the novice. As an “old man” now in this profession, I returned with new inspiration and enthusiasm to apply to my practice and teaching.
— Will Taylor, MD
Dr. Master's approach to cases is phenomenal. He sees the patient in a way which would change your perspective of the case. His rubric selection is accurate. He knows not to mistake one word for the other and when to give importance to which symptom. I have taken his help over several cases over the years and have found beautiful results. I thank my stars for having him in my life.
— Paul Mayers
I have attended several seminars given by Dr. Master and have found them to be excellent learning experiences. His knowledge of Philosophy and Materia Medica is quite deep and profound and he has shared with us much that he has learned from his 35 years of clinical practice. His results with serious pathologies are excellent and he is very generous in sharing this experience with us.

What strikes me most is Dr. Master's deep love for Homeopathy and his intention and ceaseless dedication to preserving Hahnemann's legacy. Clearly his teaching comes from his sincere desire to help us be better homeopaths.
— Robert Gramlich
You return from a seminar by Dr. Master and you realise you were able to pack in a lot more than you imagined yourself capable of, in those couple of days. He is a storehouse of knowledge who shares whole heartedly with every sincere learner. A patient and thorough teacher we get the benefit of going through groups of remedies to cases of varying degrees of complexity. What is most remarkable is that he can still think like a student when he addresses doubts and questions. In short, a wonderful learning experience.
— Suman S.
Dr. Master’s highly focused classical approach is a wonderful reminder of the simplicity and depth of good classical homeopathy. So much can be learned from his deep understanding of the core tenets of homeopathy, his grasp of the Organon and his extensive clinical experience. His pediatric book is one of our core resources at Teleosis as his grasp of how materia medica comes alive in children is unsurpassed. I highly recommend his books and seminars!
— Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Core Faculty, Teleosis, Boston

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