WholeHealthNow is proud to announce the Master Clinical Course on DVD.

For less than the cost of a two-year homeopathic program and for none of the expense incurred with travelling to a school, the Master Clinical Course on DVD is a wonderful way to learn a true teaching of advanced homeopathic material, all from the comfort of your home.

This two-year program is intended to provide participants with the deepest understanding of the subtleties and nuances of Classical Homeopathic case-taking techniques, methodology, and philosophy.

You'll experience a real-time follow-up clinical program with master sleuth himself, David Kramer (bio). As a full-time homeopathic practitioner for over 30 years, David has found the thread of the case where others have either failed or gotten lost. You are invited to learn how to see with "all your senses," as Hahnemann states in the Organon, but to do so you must learn to observe without prejudice in the mind and with a heart of compassion.

Always in demand to teach another course and to make his teachings available to a wider audience, David decided to film this course, which was conducted in a real-time environment over a two-year period. This program consists of select lectures and a clinical section that follows the initial consultation, case management and analysis of four patients.

These lectures are infused with the various metaphysical sciences David has studied over the course of more than 40 years, which he beautifully and seamlessly synthesizes with the principles of classical homeopathy, based on Hahnemann and Kent. Taped live, both in the classroom and in consultation, you may now enter into the mind of an astute clinician, as David masterfully leads you through the intricacies of case analysis and long-term case management, following four patients over the course of two years.

The total cost for this two year advanced clinical course is $3000, which consists of:

  • over 250 hours on 145 DVDs
  • an index organizing what is on each DVD
  • corresponding class notes of over 400 pages included on CD-ROM.

The DVD sets come in an attractive, durable Targus DVD zip-up notebook, protecting your DVD for a lifetime.

This course is invaluable to all students and practitioners of homeopathy and the healing arts.

Purchase now for only $3000

Please call 707-822-5807 (California) for more information about this course.