Materia Medica Viva - vol.06

Materia Medica Viva - vol.06

  • George Vithoulkas


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Cactus Grandilflorus to Calcarea Silicata

Vithoulkas presents information gleaned from a spectrum of homeopathic literature and enhanced with his own experience.


Materia Medica Viva, Volume 6, by George Vithoulkas, was published in 1997.

This book provides the materia medica of 10 homeopathic remedies:

Cactus grandiflorus, Cadmium sulphuratum, Cainca, Cajuputum, Caladium seguinum, Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea caustica, Calcarea fluorica, Calcarea phosphorica, and Calcarea silicata.

Each remedy picture begins with its botanical name or chemical composition, geographical distribution, toxicological information, and actual cases of overdose or poisoning where available.

Vithoulkas' perception of the remedy is presented in a section entitled "The Essential Features,".

"Generalities and Keynotes," lists more specific and detailed characteristics, both generals and particulars.

He concludes with a summary of clinical applications, remedy relationships, and dosage. Wherever possible, cured cases from the classical literature are included.

Other sections are Clinical, Causation, and Antidotes.

"It is my prediction or rather my conviction that this materia medica will be the standard against which all other homeopathic texts will be measured for the next hundred years."

- Roger Morrison, M.D.

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Volume 2 - Ammoniacum gummi to Argentum nitricum
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Cactus Grandiflorus -- 1231-1254
Cadmium Sulphuratum -- 1255-1265
Cainca -- 1266-1272
Cajuputum -- 1273-1278
Caladium -- 1279-1295
Calcarea Carbonica -- 1296-1368
Calcarea Caustica -- 1369-1378
Calcarea Fluorica -- 1379-1396
Calcarea Phosphorica -- 1397-1429
Calcarea Silicata -- 1430-1445

George Vithoulkas

(1932 -     )

George Vithoulkas was born in Athens, Greece in 1932. He started studying homeopathy in South Africa in 1960. He continued in India at different homeopathic colleges, receiving a diploma from the Indian Institute of Homeopathy in 1966.

Returning to Greece the following year, Vithoulkas started practicing homeopathy and teaching it to a small group of Greek medical doctors.

The therapeutic success of these first doctors so attracted the attention of others that the Athenian School of Homeopathic Medicine was established in 1970. The school, since re-named the Center of Homeopathic Medicine, is devoted exclusively to the teaching of MDs.

George Vithoulkas started teaching classical homeopathy in 1967. In 1971 the first Greek Homeopathic Society was established and a year later Vithoulkas started the Greek journal, Homeopathic Medicine.

In 1976, he organized the first International Homeopathic Seminars in Greece. Since then, international seminars have been held every year, attended by health professionals from all over the world.

In 1994, Vithoulkas opened the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy on the Greek island of Alonissos, its purpose being to provide post-graduate training for health practitioners from all over the world.

Currently, as the Director of the Athens Center, Vithoulkas heads a team of 30 doctors who practice homeopathy while they study under his supervision. He has established homeopathy in Greece as a science respected by the medical profession, and has also made his country one of the leading centers for homeopathy in the western world.

Vithoulkas' books, Homeopathy: Medicine of the New Man (Arco, New York, 1979), written for lay people, and The Science of Homeopathy (Grove Press, New York, 1980), for health professionals, have been translated into twenty languages and have had a profound influence upon the acceptance and practice of homeopathy worldwide.

His book, A New Model for Health and Disease, published in German and English in 1991, makes a fundamental critique of conventional allopathic medicine and sets out a new paradigm for the science of medicine.

He has been an international teacher of classical homeopathy for 20 years. In the year 1996, he was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for his work in the field of Classical Homeopathy.

From 1987-1991, in co-operation with the University of Namur in Belgium, he worked on creating and programming a highly sophisticated computer system, the V.E.S. (Vithoulkas Expert System) developed for the RADAR computer program. The VES has sold over 1,000 copies and has brought classical homeopathy within the reach of practitioners worldwide. Mr. Vithoulkas has also produced a series of video courses made from his lectures.

George Vithoulkas' overall vision is the establishment of homeopathy on a worldwide basis. A major goal in this vision is the foundation of homeopathic medical colleges in the USA and Europe where homeopathy can be taught at the highest level. Towards this end, a New York branch of the International Academy of Homeopathy has been established,

At present Mr. Vithoulkas is writing a new homeopathic Materia Medica Viva, in 16 volumes, including contemporary knowledge and his own experience from the more than 150,000 cases treated at the Center in Athens. At present six volumes have been published.

George Vithoulkas continues to teach, both in Greece and internationally. As the practice of homeopathy becomes more widespread in many countries, Mr. Vithoulkas is seen to have made a major contribution to its establishment as a science that can substantially benefit human health and welfare.

Major Publications:

  • Homeopathy - Medicine Of The New Man 1970
  • Homeopathy - Medicine For The New Millenium
    Published in May 2000
    This is a new, expanded version of Medicine of the New Man
  • The Science Of Homeopathy 1980
  • Materia Medica Viva 9 volumes
  • A New Model For Health And Disease
  • Talks On Classical Homeopathy
  • Essence Of Materia Medica
  • Homeopathic Conference Esalen
    First edition in English 1980
  • The Bern Seminar 1987
  • The Celle Seminars 1992

Mr. Vithoulkas' website can be found at


Claiming he has "little to add" to the volumes of existing literature, the author presents information gleaned from homeopathic literature and enhanced with his own experience.

Each entry presents information about pharmacy and toxicology, physiological action, essential features, general symptoms and keynotes, and cured cases from other authors, if any were found in a literature search.

No cases from his own practice are given, as that will be the subject of another book.

The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature
copyright 2001 by Julian Winston
Reprinted with the permission of the author