Survival - The Mollusc

Survival - The Mollusc

  • Rajan Sankaran


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Keeping with his usual style of presenting his ideas and backing them up with cases, Sankaran adds the stunning presentation of full color pages to make this a beautiful addition to your Sensation Method library.
454 pp pb
ISBN 9788190631648


Dr. Rajan Sankaran is at the forefront of the evolution of the 'Kingdom approach' in Homeopathy. This is a new way of case taking with an emphasis on going to the sensation level in the patient where one can hear the language of the source.

Concurrently, a parallel approach evolved to study the homeopathic Materia Medica in terms of kingdoms and then to see how each individual remedy reflects the qualities of its natural order. All this has resulted in an exponential expansion of the homeopathic horizon.

Used increasingly by practitioners, this new approach called for a body of work that could be referred to once the patient has expressed his deepest sensation.

Needed were the books that presented the Materia Medica with the kingdom approach i.e. a look at the various natural orders, their common qualities in nature, the sub-divisions, the recognition of the alert or the source words of each order and then how to differentiate further. Dr. Sankaran has already presented the profession with his 'An Instight Into Plants' (3 Volumes) and then his experiences with the mineral kingdom in the two volumes of 'Structure'.

The exploration of the animal kingdom will be laid out in several volumes of the Survival series. This series is co-authored by Dr. Sudhir Baldota, assisted by many editors, and has contributions from several homeopaths experienced in the 'Sensation method'.

'Mollusca' is the first of this series. Within are described the qualities of Mollusca in nature, three of its sub-divisions - Bivalvia (oysters, clams), Gastropoda (limpets, snails) and Cephalopoda (octopuses, cuttle fish) and expressions in the human being. Each of these is described with source words, proving information and clinical cases so as to see the whole map and thus make it easy to recognize it in clinical practice.


Foreword -- 5
About the Authors -- 7
Contributors -- 9
Acknowledgements -- 11

1. Introduction -- 15-51
a. The Scheme of this Book -- 15
b. The Approach to Case Taking -- 17
c. The Importance of Classification -- 22
d. Recognising the Animal Song -- 24
e. An Introduction to Mollusca -- 32

2. Bivalvia -- 52
a. An Introduction to Bivalvia -- 52
b. The Oyster -- 69
c. The Pearl -- 101
d. The Mussel -- 113
e. The Clam -- 123
f. The Scallop -- 161
g. A Summary of Bivalvia -- 171

3. Gastropoda -- 176
a. An Introduction to Gastropoda -- 176
b. The Cowry -- 203
c. The Muricid -- 233
d. The Land Snail -- 255
e. A Summary of Gastropoda -- 271

4. Cephaloda -- 280
a. An Introduction to Cephalopoda -- 280
b. The Nautilus -- 293
c. The Cuttlefish -- 313
d. The Squid -- 367
e. The Octopus -- 385
f. A Summary of Cephalopoda -- 403

5. A Summary of Mollusca -- 415

6. Appendix -- 429
a. A Glossary of Mollusca terms -- 429
b. A Categorised List of Species Described in this Book -- 441
c. Index of Scientific Names -- 443
d. Index of Common Names -- 445

Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is internationally renowned as a clear thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts, especially his understanding of disease as a delusion, his use of mind symptoms and dreams, his classification of remedy states into kingdoms and his additions to the existing miasms. <>His recent work on the plant kingdom and the seven levels is fast gaining in popularity and promises to revolutionize Homoeopathy. More and more Homoeopaths are incorporating his ideas into practice, with the most promising results.

His lucid style and simplicity makes him very popular as a teacher amongst Homoeopaths worldwide. His seminars and teaching courses have been widely attended in India and abroad. Along with his colleagues he founded The Homoeopathic Research and Charities, which is an Institution involved in various teaching courses. He has been awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths ( U.K.).He has authored The Spirit of Homoeopathy, The Substance of Homoeopathy, The Soul of Remedies, Provings, The System in Homoeopathy, An Insight into Plants, and recently The Sensation in Homoeopathy which is a milestone by itself.

Above all, he has also created a Homoeopathic case taking and analysis software 'Vital Quest'.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran lives and practices in Juhu area of Mumbai, India. His website is He has two sons, Soham and Sahaj.

Through his writings and lectures, Dr. Sankaran has had a profound influence on many modern homeopaths' methods of practice.He is particularly well-known for developing a highly structured view of the Materia Medica. He has also developed a case-analysis software program called Vital Quest.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran has been practicing Homeopathy since 1981. He is internationally renowned as a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts in Homoeopathy

His original ideas and lucid style make him very popular as a teacher amongst homoeopaths worldwide. His seminars and teaching courses have been widely attended in India, Australia, Austria, Germany, U.S.A, England, Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada, Holland, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, Israel ,South Africa, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Korea and Japan.

He has authored several books namely The Spirit of Homoeopathy, The Substance of Homoeopathy, The Soul of Remedies, Provings, The System of Homoeopathy, An Insight into Plants , The Sensation in Homeopathy, Sankaranís Schema and the software Vital Quest. Many of the books are considered modern texts in Homeopathy and have been translated in several languages.


Your cooperation with Sudhir has resulted in a wonderful book. It's the best of your ideas presented with clarity and thoroughness. It is so well organized, and this extends to details such as lay out, illustrations, and use of language.

I have only highest praise for it: it is a beautiful piece of work which does justice to these amazing creatures and brings them onto the therapeutic stage in all their colours. It is so useful.
— Misha Norland