Study of the Remedies by Comparison

Study of the Remedies by Comparison

  • H.A. Roberts, MD


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Laid out as long charts, the symptomatology of many of the polychrests are compared and differentiated.
92 pp pb


Remedy Grouping 1. Acon. - Bell. - Hyos. - Stram -- 1-7
Remedy Grouping 2. Sulph. - Phos. - Ars. - Sil. -- 8-13
Remedy Grouping 3. Puls. - Lyc. - Cham. - Nux-v. - Ign. -- 14-20
Remedy Grouping 4. Rhus-t. - Anac. - Bry. - Arn. - Rhod. -- 21-27
Remedy Grouping 5. Calc. - Hep. - Calc-p. - Caust. -- 18-33
Remedy Grouping 6. Carb-v. - Carb-an. - Carb-s. - Bar-c. - Graph. -- 34-39
Remedy Grouping 7. Kali-c. - Kali-bi - Kali-br. - Kali-n. - Kali-p. -- 40-45
Remedy Grouping 8. Nat-m. - Nat-c. - Nat-p. - Nat-s. -- 46-50
Remedy Grouping 9. Psor. - Med. - Syph. - Tub. -- 51-56
Remedy Grouping 10. Sep. - Murx. - Iod. - Spong. -- 57-62
Remedy Grouping 11. Lach. - Crot-h. - Crot-c. - Cench. -- 63-67
Remedy Grouping 12. Naja - Elaps corallinus - Vip. - Bothrops atrox -- 68-72
Remedy Grouping 13. Ther. - Mygal. - Lat-m. - Latrodectus katipo - Tarent. - Aran. -- 73-78
Remedy Grouping 14. Lac-c. - Lac-f. - Lac vaccinum - Lac-d. - Lac-ac. - Lactis vaccini flos - Sac-l. - Lac vaccinum butyraceum -- 79-92

Herbert A. Roberts

(1868 - 1950)

Herbert A. Roberts, MD, was born May 7, 1868 and died October 13, 1950. He graduated from the New York Homoeopathic Medical College, practiced for a while in Vermont and then set up practice in Derby Connecticut.

Dr. Roberts worked as a medical officer on troop ships during World War 1. He was the president of the International Hahnemannian Association (IHA) in 1923 and editor of the much-respected Homoeopathic Recorder from 1927-1934.

Author of The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy, The Study of Remedies by Comparison, Sensations as If..., Roberts was an active writer, researcher, and teacher. Between the IHA transactions and the Homoeopathic Recorder he authored 117 articles and 27 editorials.


Quarto sized. Based on the post-graduate lectures at the American Foundation for Homeopathy course from 1933-37.

A number of charts comparing a range of related remedies. The first grouping is Aconite, Belladonna, Hyoscayamus, and Stramonium. Another is Sepia, Murex, Iodine and Spongia tosta.

There are two series of comparisons of the snake remedies, and one series on the spider remedies.

Julian Winston writes:
Still in print, this is a rarely referenced book that contains an extraordinary amount of useful information.

When I showed my copy to a practicing homeopath (who had never seen the work) she was amazed that nowhere in her years of training had this book been mentioned.

The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature
copyright 2001 by Julian Winston
Reprinted with the permission of the author