Structure - Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (2 volumes)

Structure - Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (2 volumes)

  • Rajan Sankaran


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This is an essential tool, whether or not one employs the Sankaran Method.

The long awaited two volume set deeply explores the nature of the mineral remedy in homeopathy - from nearly every vantage point:

1053pp 2 volumes hb
ISBN 978-81-903378-8-5


STRUCTURE is the second of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, the first being Insight Into Plants and the third being Survival (on the animal kingdom).

Exact descriptions of minerals in general, from the most intimate and interior experience of the patient. This description includes clear guidelines for differentiating the minerals from plant and animal remedies.

  • Precise definitions of each row and column of the periodic table. Building upon his previous work on the minerals and upon the work of Jan Scholten, Dr Sankaran has deepened and clarified our understanding of the rows and columns.
  • Detailed descriptions of each individual element and many salts. When possible, Dr Sankaran has provided his own experience of the individual remedies with new and penetrating insights.
  • Dozens of case examples with transcripts of cases where the Sensation Method is applied.

From the Book

STRUCTURE (Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom)
This 2 volume work of over 1000 pages has a foreword by Dr Roger Morrison,
An excerpt from the foreword describes the book —

Structure - Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom is an exciting synthesis of the work of Jan Scholten and the Sankaran Method. The book is a necessary key, enabling those who follow Dr Sankaranís work to use the periodic table to greatest advantage.

In addition, Dr Sankaran's insight and descriptions amplify and extend our knowledge of the columns, rows and individual remedies vastly.

Having utilized these insights in my own practice I can attest to their accuracy and almost uncanny relevance to case taking. At times I have almost suspected my patients of having studied Dr Sankaran's lectures because their words are identical to his descriptions.

The ultimate test of any homeopathic work: Do the descriptions and explanations match clinical experience and aid us in bringing cure? I can say with perfect confidence that the experienced homeopath that applies the principles contained in this book will find great satisfaction.

This work opens up possibilities of cure in cases that otherwise would go unsolved. It brings light to many areas of mystery and confusion. This book is a treasure.

— Roger Morison M.D.


Volume 1
Acknowledgement -- 7
List of Contributors -- 9
Foreword -- 13
Note to Reader -- 15
Introduction -- 17

Kingdom Differentiation -- 17
The Recognition Of The Mineral Song -- 29
Minerals -- 33
Mineral Source Words -- 37
Minerals- Overview Of The Rows -- 43
Minerals- Overview Of The Columns -- 53
Column 17- Halogens -- 89
Column 18 - Noble/Rare Gases -- 107
Row 1 -- 131
Row 2 -- 191
Row 3 -- 307

Volume 2
Row 4 -- 523
Row 5 -- 739
Row 6 -- 865
Row 7 -- 981
Miasms In The Mineral Kingdom (By Roger Morrison) -- 1007
Metal Prescription In Pediatrics (By Patricia Le Roux) -- 1015
Charts -- 1027

Rajan Sankaran

(1960 -     )

Dr. Rajan Sankaran was born on May 24, 1960, in Mumbai, India. Inspired and nurtured by his father, Dr. P. Sankaran, Rajan graduated Gold Medallist from the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College in 1981. He is the Assistant Professor in the department of Repertory in Smt. C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai and is attached to its hospital as the Honorary Physician.

He is the Editor of the Asian Edition of the Homoeopathic Links and is also the Vice-Chairman of the International Council for Classical Homoeopathy (Asian Region).

Throughout his twenty years of practice Dr. Rajan has worked to unearth a system for homeopathy that gives consistent results. He has given us the classification of remedy states into kingdoms and has added miasms to the already known ones.

His concept of disease as a Delusion changed the process of case taking from mere data collection to understanding the patient beyond the physical level.

In the year 2000 Dr. Rajan began work on classification of the Plant Kingdom remedies, and also introduced the concept of Vital Sensation. His findings further extended his ground breaking approach to classical homeopathy.

Dr. Rajan has taught since 1986, in UK, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Russia, Greece, USA, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Spain. He is affiliated with the CMP Homoeopathic Medical College.

Dr. Sankaran has written the following books:

  • The Spirit of Homoeopathy
    which explains his concept of disease as a state.
  • The Substance of Homoeopathy
    which explains his idea of miasms, classification of states, as well as his idea of classifying remedies and states into kingdoms.
  • The Soul of Remedies
    in which he has given his understanding and essence of a hundred remedies.
  • Provings
    a compilation of the provings of eleven remedies.
  • The System of Homoeopathy
    which gives a detailed report for over 40 successful cases and explains, step by step, his system of working with cases using the concepts of delusions, miasms, and kingdoms.
  • The Sensation
    Sankaran's homeopathic understanding of kingdoms, potency, miasms and case analysis.
  • Sensation Refined
    continues with the work started in The Sensation and clarifies issues faced by practitioners of his method.

In addition to publishing his own books, Dr. Rajan also edited the works of his father, Dr. P. Sankaran, creating two volumes called Elements of Homoeopathy.