Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky

Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky

  • Peter Fraser


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As any seasoned practitioner knows, the spider remedies can be maddeningly similar in presentation. This little reference is your guide to differentiating sixteen different Spiders and their larger families.

Fraser elaborates the spider families and considers these sixteen different remedies in their most distinguishing aspects.

United Kingdom
60pp, pb
ISBN 9781-874581-192


Being so similar in appearance, patients needing spider remedies present a real clinical challenge. Fraser argues that understanding the dynamic center of each remedy based on its proving is the most effective approach to differentiating Spiders in practice.

Fraser elaborates the spider families and considers a total of sixteen different remedies in their most distinguishing aspects. As in all of his Transformation series, the author devotes his introductory pages to a description of spider remedies in general and their common characteristics.

The Transformation Between the Realms series includes Spiders, Snakes, Birds and Insects.

From the Book

Aranea Ixobola - Papal Cross Spider

The Papal Cross Spider came from America but is now widespread in Europe. It is an orb weaver spider spinning a classic wheel shaped web. It is closely related to Aranea diadema and as such they have many features in common.

However the Papal Cross Spider is much larger, which is reflected in the fact that it has much more self-confidence than Aranea diadema.

It is the only one of the main spider remedies that is not in the rubric Anxiety and it is generally much less anxious than the others, though this may be displaced to their dreams which are particularly violent and frightening.

Aranea ixobola like Aranea diadema is concerned with order but it is more the interpersonal environment than the physical one that it needs to have under its control and it is in this area that its symptoms are most dynamic.

It is the only spider to be found in the rubric Dictatorial and it maintains order by controlling the people around it. It can be curious, witty and charming but is more likely to be rude and snappish.

As a prover put it: "Had to make a great effort not to be impolite or rude. "

The tool that Aranea ixobola uses to maintain this control is teasing and because it is a spider it can sense exactly where to tease someone to have the greatest effect.


Introduction -- 2
Spiders - Suspended between Earth and Sky -- 5
Spider Remedies in General -- 10
Taxonomy -- 19
Repertorizing -- 22
Mygale lasiodora - Black Cuban Bird Spider -- 23
Tarentula cubensis - Cuban Tarantula -- 26
Atrax robustus - Sydney Funnel Web Spider -- 27
Loxosceles reclusa - Brown Recluse Spider -- 29
Pholcus phalangoides - Daddy-Long-Legs Spider -- 32
Tegenaria atrica - Common House Spider -- 35
Tarentula hispanica - Wolf Spider -- 37
Portia fimbriata - Fringed Jumping Spider -- 40
Aranea scinencia - Jumping Spider -- 43
Aranea diadema - Cross Spider -- 44
Aranea ixobola - Papal Cross Spider -- 47
Latrodectus mactans - Black Widow Spider -- 49
Latrodectus hasseltii - Redback Spider -- 52
Theridion curassavicum - Orange Spider -- 54
Lampona cylindrata - White Tailed Spider -- 57
Tela - Spider's Web -- 59

Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser was a bookseller and publisher before discovering Homeopathy. His work on many provings of new remedies led to an interest in contemporary disease which resulted in his book The AIDS Miasm.

Having done work on defining the properties of the Realms, he was fascinated by those creatures and substances that move between the Realms and the dynamic pictures generated by this movement which both defines the group and differentiates it.


"Peterís series of books has been a revelation. This discrimination between insects and birds is so succinct it is hard to believe it is so true. I can think of no homeopathic books available which give so much wisdom for such a small cost! They have inspired my practice, and benefited my patients. "
— Geoff Johnson

"This book is remarkably informative, not only in the description of the different Insect remedies but more importantly in delineating how the traits of the insect are expressed in human pathology. The information is practical and brings alive the Insect remedies in a way that is exciting and inspiring. "
— Janet Snowdon