Select Your Remedy

Select Your Remedy

  • Bishamber Das


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May we suggest as an alternative:
Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal
Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy by Iyer

Hundreds of diseases are listed with remedy differentiations offering options for treatment of these common ailments.
630 pp hb


Ch.1 - Mental Diseases 1-62
Ch.2 - Diseases of Nervous System 63-113
Ch.3 - Eyes and Vision 114-139
Ch.4 - Diseases of Ears and Hearing 140-146
Ch.5 - Diseases of Nose, Throat, Pharynx, & Larynx 147-178
Ch.6 - Diseases of Gums, Mouth, Teeth, and Tongue 179-204
Ch.7 - Diseases of Chest, Lungs, and Cough 205-235
Ch.8 - Diseases of Heart and Blood Vessels 236-253
Ch.9 - Diseases of Digestive System 254-316
Ch.10 - Diseases of Urinary System 317-341
Ch.11 - Diseases of Genitalia 342-412
Ch.12 - Diseases of Bones, Joints and Muscles 413-435
Ch.13 - Diseases of Skin, Hair and Nails 436-471
Ch.14 - Fevers 472-488
Ch.15 - Miscellaneous Diseases 489-575
Medicine Index 576-587
Normal B.P., Pulse, Body Weight 588
Haematological Investigations 589-590
Bio-Compounds 591



Mr. S. M. Gunavanthe reviews some of the lesser known books from Indian authors and the contributions made by Indian Homoeopaths to Homoeopathic Literature.

Rai Bahadur Bishamber Das - Select your Remedy - Pages 630 - Rs. 110.-, vishwamber Free Homoeo Dispensers, 12 Mahadev Road, New Delhi, 100 001 - Presents various disease conditions with the remedies indicated for them detailing the symptomatology of each remedy.

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