Remedy Relationships

Remedy Relationships

  • Thomas Blasig
  • Peter Vint
  • Edmonds - Waldbaum translators


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A classical reference guide to remedy relationships - 465 remedies are referenced by complementary, inimical, antidotal, and, (where appropriate), cyclical relationships. A must have!
121 pp pb
ISBN 3929271265


Drawing from many different homoeopathic sources including journals (sources are attributed throughout the text) the authors examine 465 remedies in terms of their relationship: complementary, inimical, antidotal, and, (where appropriate), cyclical.

Bowel nosodes are included together with orthodox information regarding poisonings and what to do about them. Beautifully laid out and well presented.

Thomas Blasig

Thomas Blasig has been interested in the fields of homeopathy and environmental medicine wellbeing of man for decades. He has been published in various magazines and is an adviser on a range of topics including environmental medicine, drinking water, homeopathy, cancer treatment, rheumatism, nutrients and inoculation.

Peter Vint

Peter is involved in the Hahnemann Institute for Homeopathic Documentation. He is well known and admired for his translation work with some of the great and classic homeopathic literature. His largest work took him six years, was a revised translation of Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. When doing the translation Peter conscientiously verified every single symptom with the original sources. Peter has also translated the Synthesis repertory into German.


I have two books on remedy relationships: one by Abdur Rehman and one by Thomas Blasig and Peter Vint. I check in these books every time I select a ‘second prescription’, an acute remedy, a supportive remedy, even if it's a tissue salt. I want the relationship to be good, or at least not bad. I always look it up to make sure it follows well or is complementary.
— Miranda Castro