Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

  • A.A. Ramseyer


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Rademacher's object was to make known the excellent virtues of some remedies, which he not only found efficacious, but which he declared to be really indispensable.

Ramseyer’s translation, though but a fraction of the original work, is a very useful guide to the understanding of organ remedies or near-specifics.

104 pp pb


CHAPTER 1 -- 1-2
Introduction to Rademacher's universal and organ remedies -- 1-2

CHAPTER 2 -- 3-8
Paracelsus and his medical doctrines -- 3-8

CHAPTER 3 -- 9-18
Universal remedies, or remedies against affections of the whole organism -- 9

I. Cubic saltpetre; discovery of its remarkable curative properties -- 9-10

II. Iron. Signs of martial affections. Diseases where it proved beneficial.
Remedies related to iron -- 11-14

III. Copper. How it is used and signs of a copper affection. Enumeration of diseases benefited by copper.
Related remedies -- 15-18

CHAPTER 4 -- 19-20
Organ remedies. Primary or idiopathic organ diseases and sympathetic(reflex) affections -- 19-104

A. Abdominal Remedies -- 21-22

I. Remedies acting upon the liver and spleen: Carduus marianus seed in gall stone colic and in sympathetic hemorrhages -- 21-22

II. Special Remedies for the Liver -- 23-30
Quassia as epidemic remedy against dropsy -- 24-25
Celandine in bilious fevers -- 26-27
Combination of muriate of lime with celandine tincture found useful in hepatic diseases in 1830 and 1834 -- 28
Nux vomica tincture useful from 1816 to 1819 for bilious fevers and jaundice -- 29
Saffron becomes the epidemic remedy in 1836 -- 30

III. Signs of spleen affections -- 31-35

IV. Pancreas remedies -- 36-38
Iodine in epidemics in 1826 and again in 1835 -- 36-38

V. Coeliac plexus remedies -- 39

VI. Stomach remedies -- 40-41
Bismuth, Iodine, and muriate of lime, excellent remedies to stop vomiting -- 40
Vomiting of blood is not always a dangerous or serious symptom -- 41

VII. Intestinal remedies -- 41-48
Oil, an excellent remedy for diarrheas, colic, etc. -- 41
Iodine removes intestinal pains speedily -- 42
A good liniment for abdominal pains -- 43
Laxatives. How to overcome constipation with injections of salt water -- 44-45
The evil effects of excessive acidity of the stomach and bowels. How to neutralize it -- 46-48

VIII. Remedies for the urinary organs -- 49-60
Reflex ailments caused by idiopathic renal affections. Dropsy after taking cold cured with neutral salts -- 49-50
Epidemic influence in renal diseases -- 51
Cochineal an excellent nephritic and epidemic remedy in 1829 -- 52-57
Goldenrod a good nephritic -- 58
Gravel and renal stones; magnesia, or lime water excellent remedies for renal calculi -- 58-59
Shepherd's purse in gravel affections -- 60

IX. Uterine remedies -- 61-65
Carduus marianus in reflex metrorrhagia -- 61
Hyperacidity of stomach and bowels a fruitful source of colic sucklings -- 62
Iron in metrorrhagia caused by a portion of placenta remaining in womb -- 63
Borax, the best remedy for idiopathic uterine affections -- 63-64
Digitalis salve for inflamed breasts -- 65
Rest as a condition of cure in abdominal affections -- 65
B. Thoracic Remedies -- 66-77

X. Cardiac remedies -- 65-69
Digitalis for idiopathic cardiac affections -- 66
Sympathetic and idiopathic cardiac affections -- 67
Intermittent pulse -- 68
Artemisia in affections of the heart -- 69

XI. Lung remedies -- 70-75
Sal ammoniac excellent for excessive mucous secretions and for abscesses of the lungs -- 70
Golden sulphide of antimony for catarrhal coughs and some facts about epidemic influence -- 71-72
Extract of tobacco, one of the best remedies for idiopathic lung affections, be they coughs or hemorrhages -- 73-74
Sulphuric ether for threatening lung paralysis -- 75
Sugar of lead with iron in consumption -- 75

XII. Remedies for the trachea -- 76
Antimony and mercury in hoarseness, cough, loss of speech, asthma. Carbonic acid -- 76

XIII. Remedies for the esophagus -- 77
Sympathetic dysphagia caused by hepatic affections, or by hyperacidity of the stomach -- 77
C. Cephalic Remedies -- 78-93

XIV. The eye -- 78
Eye affections commonly universal, or reflex affections. Epidemic influence in eye diseases. Eye salves -- 78

XV. The nose -- 79
Nose bleed. Carduus marianus. Iron -- 79

XVI. The mouth -- 79
Cancer of the tongue sometimes caused by bad teeth. Thrush. Chronic tonsillitis often sign of a martial inection. Fungus of gums cured with muriate of lime -- 79
Toothache often curable with saltpetre and laxatives. Reflex toothache -- 80 --

XVII. Brain remedies -- 81-93
Tobacco, the epidemic remedy for brain fevers in 1819; symptoms of the disease -- 81-82
Thornapple, the epidemic remedy for the same fevers in 1821; its symptoms -- 83-84
Chloride of silver, the epidemic remedy in 1824; dizziness the only prominent symptom -- 85
Zinc a great sedative, erysipelas blossom, neuralgia, sciatica, toothache, gout, rheumatism, et. cured with it -- 85-87
Sympathy between brain and abdominal organs -- 88-89
Cholera cured with tobacco and acetate of soda -- 90-91
Brain remedies and intestinal affections -- 92-93
D. Remedies for External Organs -- 94-104

XVIII. Skin remedies -- 94-95
Copper, lime water, dry sulphur for tetters, milk crust, etc. Sublimate externally for itch -- 94
Dry aromatic plants for contusions. Salves. External use of table salt. Muriate of lime for boils -- 95
XIX. Muscle remedies -- 95-104
Sympathy between the muscles and other organs. Arnica for local rheumatism -- 95
Ash leaves for arthritic pains -- 96
Glauber's salt in chorea and other forms of involuntary muscular motions -- 97-98
A most remarkable case cured with this salt -- 99
Last words of Rademachers to the reader -- 100-104