Quick Bedside Prescriber

Quick Bedside Prescriber

  • J.N. Shingal


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Helpful in selecting the proper remedy quickly, the alphabetical arrangement of diseases has made this a valuable asset for home prescriber.
727 pp hb

From the Book

A practical guide, which maybe very helpful in selecting the proper remedy quickly and accurately, especially at the bed-side.

The alphabetical arrangement of diseases has made this Prescriber more valuable for the busy practitioner as well as the lay prescriber.

The Prescriber may prove a labour saving device and a ready and easy reckoner in cases of emergency. It will provide the practitioner with therapeutic pointers to select the correct remedy quickly with their potencies and without much ado.


Preface -- vii-iix
Excerpts from the Fourth Edition -- ix-x
Excerpts from the Third Edition -- xi-xiv
Excerpts from 'An Apology' -- xv-xvi
Excerpts from "Addenda" -- xvii
Foreword -- xix
Review -- xxii
Opinion -- xxiv

Series A -- 1-38
Series B -- 39-65
Series C -- 66-106
Series D -- 107-156
Series E -- 157-183
Series F -- 184-206
Series G -- 207-223
Series H -- 224-254
Series I -- 255-273 --
Series J -- 274-276
Series K -- 277-280
Series L -- 281-297
Series M -- 298-323
Series N -- 324-347
Series O -- 348-358
Series P -- 359-396
Series Q -- 397-397
Series R -- 398-418
Series S -- 419-465
Series T -- 466-497
Series U --498-510
Series V -- 511-522
Series W -- 523-536
Series X -- 537
Series Y -- 538

Ch. 2 - Homoeopathy in Paediatrics -- 539-562
Ch. 3 - Treatment of Pet Animals -- 563-566
Ch. 4 - Homoeopathy in Surgery -- 567-574
Ch. 5 - Pain Killers, Preventives and Prophylactics -- 575-615

Appendix 1 - Clinical Relationships of Medicines -- 616-720
Appendix 2 - Constitutional Remedies -- 721
Appendix 3 - Dr. Gibson's Hot and Cold Remedies -- 722-723
Appendix 4 - Bibliography -- 724-725
Reviews -- 726-727


Originally published in 1959 in a much condensed version. It has been republished several times since.

In 1938 the author spent time with Dr. S.C. Sircar, the grand Indian homeopath. This book is based on the author's personal experiences and is compiled very similarly to Clarke's Prescriber. It also includes chapters on homeopathy in pediatrics and homeopathy in surgery.

Says the author, "I lay no claim to originality."

Julian Winston writes:
This was one of the first books I obtained, after seeing it on the shelves of several homeopaths who spoke of its value. Yes. It is like Clarke's work. But there is enough of another viewpoint in it to be valuable in its own right.

The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature
copyright 2001 by Julian Winston
Reprinted with the permission of the author