A Physician's Posy

A Physician's Posy

  • Dorothy Shepherd


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One of the most readable and enjoyable homoeopathic books ever written. Twenty-two medicinal plants, with a chapter devoted to each.
256pp pb
ISBN 0-85207-272-4

From the Book

Whilst doctors may possess the ability to write out prescriptions for sick persons, they may not possess that other form of ability which enables them to write readable books.

It is therefore all the more refreshing to find both these abilities combined in one individual. A Physician's Posy seems more in the nature of belles lettres than a treatise on healing the sick.

In its pages the reader will encounter no pseudo-scientific jargon nor multi-syllabic words which no one can pronounce, let alone remember.

Dr Shepherd has written a fascinating history of her chosen plants and includes personal anecdotes that make her book a joy to read



Arnica Montana. The wonder herb
Bellis Perennis. The common Daisy
Calendula. A great wound healer
Fraxinus Americana, or the White Ash
Ignatia Amara. St. Ignatius' Bean
Kalmia Latifolia
Ledum Palustre
Nux Moschata, or Nutmeg
Phytolacca Decandra
Ruta Graveolens
Symphytum, or Comfrey
Urtica Urens, or the Stinging Nettle
Valerian Officinalis
Yarrow, The Sacred Herb

Esoteric, Literary and Medical References

Dorothy Shepherd, MD

c.1885  -   1952

Dr. Shepherd grew up in South India where her father was a missionary. She studied medicine at Heidelberg medical school and graduated from Edinburgh. She was raised with homeopathic medicine and as a child had access to a copy of Hering’s Domestic Physician.

Even though she grew up in a homeopathic household in England, at the age of ten she announced her intention to pursue allopathic medical studies. Only after her conventional medical training did she investigate the medicine of her childhood.

By her account, "I heard about the Hering College in Chicago. The name Hering conjured up memories of a tattered old book. I must go and find out the truth which so long had evaded me."

In 1906 Dr. Shepherd went to Chicago and began her studies at the Hering Medical College. Her teachers were Dienst and Tomhagen, both pupils of James Tyler Kent.

When she returned to Europe Dr. Shepherd put her new skills in to practice. "I must admit that homoeopathy has never let me down. Homoeopathy is a life-long study. It requires the burning of the midnight oil, but it is worthwhile."

Dr. Shepherd wrote several books on homeopathy, based on her clinical experience:

  • Homoeopathy for the 1st Aider
  • Magic of the Minimum Dose
  • More Magic of the Minimum Dose
  • A Physician’s Posy, and
  • Homoeopathy in Epidemic Diseases

Some time in the 1940’s Dr. Shepherd established a homoeopathic center in Bramshott. Little is known about it. She spent long hours providing homoeopathic care to the poor in London and was well known for her service and staunch support of homeopathy.

On November 15, 1952, after 45 years of service to homeopathy, Dr. Shepherd passed on. Her contributions to homeopathy through her practice and published writings helped bridge the gap during the lean years of homeopathy in the 1900s.


21 remedies discussed in a narrative style, based on the author's experience. Julian Winston writes:

The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature
copyright 2001 by Julian Winston
Reprinted with the permission of the author