The Homeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

The Homeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

  • Jeremy Sherr




Jeremy Sherr’s Dynamis School proves the most dangerous substance on earth.

Detailed, thorough and well organized like all the Dynamis provings, this proving and remedy have become integral to modern practice.

United Kingdom
306pp pb
ISBN 1-901147-03-7


From the Introduction:

I did not want to undertake this project.

I did not wish to expose my students or myself to a proving of the most dangerous substance on earth. A substance with a half-life of 24,350 years. I was filled with fear.

Nevertheless, this work had to be done. It is our duty as homoeopaths to constantly upgrade our materia medica with new and useful healing agents. We live in the 'Radioactive Era', which has produced an enormous effect on the world around us.

Nuclear power plants and weapons have created radioactive pollution, which has resulted in a new and severe class of disease. Some may view nuclear technology as beneficial, but our planet must pay a terrible price.

It became increasingly clear to me that we must find a homoeopathic match to the rapidly developing world of radioactive pollution and its concomitant diseases, particularly cancer.

There are only two ways to scientifically generate the necessary knowledge: homoeopathic provings and the collection of toxicological reports.

This work is the result of an extensive Hahnemannian proving and research over the last four years. The information is now available for all to use.

It is, therefore, up to the homoeopathic clinician to pick up the flaming torch and use this knowledge for the cure of the enormous amount of human sufferings that may find a simillimum in the radioactive remedies.

My initial experience with Plutonium nitricum is promising. I have succeeded in offering therapeutic help in many cases, this includes patients that have not responded to previous homoeopathic treatment.

I have received frequent reports of successful cases of Plutonium nitricum, based on the proving, from homoeopaths around the world. I have no doubt that the toxicology and repertory of ionizing radiation, published in this book, will lead to an even greater number of cures.

From the Book


Thin man, age 40.

History of many chest infections, skin peeled severely since a child and dry. Bed wetting until fourteen. Grew up in a tyrannized atmosphere, father was very violent and brutal, hit and humiliated him.

There was no love, no care or affection, no sense of being wanted. Every hour had to be spent working, even forgetting to sleep or eat, no play at all. Always in a state of fear of father. Father would threaten to kill him.

Mother beat him frequently. Every moment was spent in fear. I was sick with fear and anxiety. I used to pray like hell for a way out. I became rebellious, despised authority, religion. Drank alcohol and ate pork.

I became completely hard on the outside and wouldn't let anyone in. Deep down I am a sad and lonely person. A citizen of nowhere - don't belong anywhere. Completely detached from the environment.

Tension in the back, neck and shoulders, middle back pain, pain in both hips. History of genital herpes, discomfort in the bladder as if too full. Many problems are on the right side.

Irritable, impatient and angry. I'm fearful, a deep fear as if somebody injected a huge dose of fear into me. Violent, I feel as if a conflict with people, it leads to violence, attack, weapons. I feel in a total state of despair, deep despair when alone.

I want people but I can't tolerate them, such a deep despair I'm completely alone. Cannot hold a long term relationship. Starts many relationships and then feels he has to leave.

Fear is in the core of my being. My existence is futile there is no purpose to being here, a sense of being disconnected, not part of what's going on, detached as if removed from reality.

I feel uprooted. I don't belong, I look at things in a detached way I want to go home but I don't know where it is, no roots.

Part of me looks for someone to take care of me but I don't want to care for people. Sometimes I feel like killing myself, lots of anger.

I'm always on the move never home. In the core of my being it's as if no-one is ever there. It's at the level of my blueprint- no one there, totally unwanted.

I could kill, I could kill all the world leaders. I want to own a super power with far superior weapons and tell all other governments to stop. I hate the U.S.A. I would plant an explosive device with massive destruction capabilities in all the parliaments. I would hold all politicians to ransom to be fair, to make peace, to benefit the people. I hate injustice.

Dreams of killings, guns, fighting, sex. As a child had dreams of devils, monsters, fearful, was scared of the dark. Suffers from palpitations.

Sex desire high wants many partners. Sties on the eyes < from both heat and cold. Restlessness and jerking when falling asleep.

Remedies he has had from previous homoeopath: Sulphur, Anacardium, Stramonium, Belladonna, Platina, Colocynth, Aurum, Scorpion, Arnica , Sepia, Opium, Mercury, and Aurum arsenicum, Rx: Camphor 1M.

Still in state of despair and fear. Total deep despair, I am an unfeeling person. Life is pointless and futile, irrational. > occupation < being alone.

Indifference to his girlfriend and to his mother. Feels separated from people.

I grew up in a womb that was indifferent it gave me nothing. I can do without people I can live in a desert island. I don't care about anyone, disconnected. Rage leading to cruelty, I would like to torture my parents while they are conscious, unfeeling.

Dream of whipping Mother on the face. Suicidal thoughts, destruction, rage, violence, I feel I have no direction, I feel I am going mad. I feel like a free fall in a void forever alone, there is no-one there, completely and utterly alone.

Pain in every cell in my body, despair and wanting to die. Total and utter isolation, completely cut off.

Remedies prescribed during 1994-95 are, Sepia, Opium, Mercury, and Aurum arsenicum, with only mild benefit. Rx: Plutonium nitricum 30 c

Six weeks later despair is much better, feels better in himself. Not so lost anymore, not crying. Depression has lifted, suicidal thoughts are gone and the deep loneliness has gone.

I feel more myself. Although there have been times of rage, they pass more easily and I feel less cut off. Improvement continued for many months.


The Necessity to Prove Radioactives -- 3

The Birth of Plutonium -- 5
Properties -- 6
Uses and Production -- 7
Waste Disposal -- 8

The Seventh Period and the Individual -- 9
The Seventh Period and the Body -- 10
World History and Radiation -- 10
Chronicle of a Race -- 12
The Planet Pluto -- 14
Mythology -- 14
Astrology -- 15
Pluto-San -- 16
Plutonian Ode -- 17


Origin -- 26
Proving Protocol -- 27
The Provers -- 29
The Proving Symptoms -- 30

Animal Studies -- 205
Human Research -- 207
Cancer -- 208
Other Symptoms -- 209
Genetic Effects -- 209

Introduction -- 211


CASES -- 247
Case 1 -- 247
Case 2 -- 249
Case 3 -- 251
Case 4 -- 253
Case 5 -- 258
Case 6 -- 260

Ionizing Radiation -- 264
Types of Ionizing Radiation -- 264
Sources of Ionizing Radiation -- 265

Radiation Damage to the Cell -- 267
Low-level Radiation -- 270
Latency -- 270
Strange Stories and Facts -- 271
Beta Burns -- 268
Acute Radiation Sickness -- 268


Key to Code -- 282
Explanation of Code -- 283
The Repertory -- 286

Works Cited -- 296
Bibliography -- 298

Works Cited -- 300
Sources and Works Consulted for Radioactive Isotopes Chart and Repertory -- 302

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in 1955 in South Africa, the son of a doctor. He grew up in Israel.

In 1979, Sherr resolved – while lying in hospital after a serious motorbike accident – to study homeopathy, and duly started at the College of Homeopathy in London in 1980. During his studies, he also qualified in acupuncture.

Jeremy Sherr was the first to revive the art of remedy proving, as it had been practiced almost a century ago. He conducted his first remedy proving in 1982, followed by a further 23 provings.

He founded his own school of homeopathy in 1986 in Malvern, UK.

He is in worldwide demand as a teacher and has lectured in Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Russia, India, South Africa, and Australia. He has busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York.