Pictographica Homeopathica

Pictographica Homeopathica

  • Marilyn Hirsekorn


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This study guide to the homeopathic remedies is a brilliant mix of mnemonics and pictograms.
158 pp pb


Born of a desire to find an effective way to grasp the homeopathic materia medica, this beautifully illustrated work is a labor of love, years in the making.

The careful indexing of both remedies AND symptoms adds to its utility. Dozens of clever little drawings aid one in grasping the essence of each polychrest. Carefully researched photographs add another dimension.


Pictographica Homeopathica -- ii
Acknowledgements -- iii
Foreword -- iv
Classification Systems -- vi
About the Indices -- viii
Abbreviations, Symbols & Meanings -- ix

Remedies: Animals -- 1
Apis -- 3
Elaps -- 7
Lachesis -- 11
Naja -- 15
Sepia -- 19

Remedies: Minerals -- 23
Antimonium crudum -- 25
Antimonium tartaricum -- 29
Argentum nitricum -- 33
Arsenicum album -- 37
Aurum metallicum -- 41
Calcarea carbonica -- 45
Graphites -- 49
Hepar sulphuris 53
Kali nitricum -- 57
Mercurius solubilis -- 61
Phosphorus -- 65
Selenium -- 69

Remedies: Plants -- 73
Aethusa -- 75
Aloe -- 79
Belladonna -- 83
Croton tiglium -- 87
Gelsemium -- 91
Lycopodium -- 95
Nux vomica -- 99
Pulsatilla -- 103
Rhus toxicodendron -- 107
Thuja occidentalis -- 111

Remedies: Nosodes -- 115
Tuberculinum -- 117

Table of Contents, continued
References -- 121
Art Work -- 122
Photo Credits -- 123
Glossary -- 125
Indices -- 135
Classification Index -- 137
Symptom Index -- 141

Marilyn Hirsekorn

Marilyn Hirsekorn was born and raised under the Northern Lights in the pristine Yukon Territory of northern Canada. She was raised on home grown vegetables, wild lake trout, and Northern pike, consumed water from glacial sources, and breathed clean, crisp air.

The intrigue of vibrational healing led Marilyn to become passionate about the healing arts. She studied and now practices Body Alignment Technique (applied kinesiology), Reflexology, Qi Gong, and Classical Homeopathy.

Prior studies at the University of British Columbia in Secondary Education, Zoology and Botany, gave her a strong foundation on which to begin building the skills for assisting people with their personal health issues.

Homeopathy has been tweaking people's immune responses and their vital force for over 200 years. It is widely practiced and accepted in Europe and India, and increasingly provides comfort and balance to ever more people throughout the world.

Pictographica Homeopathica is a collection of learning aids, including pictographs, photos and sketches, to help express the personalities and keynotes of select homeopathic remedies.


Dear Marilyn,
I am junior Dr working in the UK and in my fourth year studying homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. I would like to thank you for writing your book 'Pictographica Homeopathica'.

I find learning using mnemonics and visual information much easier. The book has inspired me to create my own remedy 'pictures' and mnemonics, as well as look for fictional and real examples of remedy types to help me learn. Thank you again for writing a book so enjoyable to read,

Kind regards,