Notes on the Miasms

Notes on the Miasms

  • P.S. Ortega


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To understand the theory of miasms in all its depth and scope, one must first assimilate Hahnemannís medical philosophy, especially its concepts of health, sickness and cure.

The author pored over all Hahnemannís writings then wrote extensively about psora, sycosis, syphilis, and the miasmatic analysis of cases.

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Notes on the Miasms, by Proceso Sanchez Ortega, was published in 1980.

This book is an in-depth look at the concept of miasms in homeopathic practice. Ortega's 40 years of practice provides the foundation for the information presented here.

Ortega systematically explores Hahnemann's miasmatic theory especially as it entails psora, sycosis, and syphilis. He provides case examples of each miasm along with a discussion of their related symptoms.

Ortega strives to outline the clinical application of the miasmatic theory, making this a very practical work.


Introduction -- 3-5
Ch. 1 - Hahnemannian Thought -- 7-15
Ch. 2 - The Hahnemannian Theory of the Miasms -- 17-32
Ch. 3 - Conditions for Accepting the Doctrine of Miasms -- 33-40
Ch. 4 - What Some of the Great Homeopaths Have Thought About the Miasms -- 41-49
Ch. 5 - A General Discussion of the Miasms, the Basis of Their Recognition: Deficiency, Excess, and Perversion -- 51-60
Ch. 6 - Psora -- 61-66
Ch. 7 - Sycosis -- 67-72
Ch. 8 - Syphilis as the Third Hahnemannian Miasm -- 73-78
Ch. 9 - Illustrative Material on the Evident Clinical Manifestations of the Miasms -- 79-90
Ch. 10 - Degenerative Diseases and the Miasms -- 91-103
Ch. 11 - Application of the Doctrine of Miasms to the Treatment of the Patient -- 105-112
Ch. 12 - Application of the Doctrine of Miasms to Human Affinities and Social Relations -- 113-120
Ch. 13 - Definition of the Symptoms -- 121-147
Ch. 14 - The Miasmatic Classification of Medicines in Function of Their Symptoms -- 150-167
Ch. 15 - The Miasms and Eungenics -- 167-179
Ch. 16 - Doctrine of Miasms as it Relates to General Human Problems -- 181-191
Ch. 17 - Summary of Conclusions -- 193-195
Ch. 18 - Technique of Applying the Hahnemannian Miasmatic Doctrine -- 197-210


Originally published in 1977 as Apuntes sobre los Miasmas o Enfermedades Cronicas de Hahnemann. Primera edicion. Biblioteca de Homeopatia de Mexico A.C. Mexico D.F.

The English edition was published under the supervision of Diwan Harish Chand. This book is an in-depth look at miasmatic analysis of cases.

Julian Winston writes:
According to Dana Ullman, the English translation was paid for by Don Gerrard, who also put up with the first money to start the IFPH which later became the International Foundation for Homeopathy.

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