Influenza and Its Homeopathic Treatment

Influenza and Its Homeopathic Treatment

  • V. R. Bhatia




Collects a variety of information about treating influenza in one handy reference. A dandy little book!
132pp pb
ISBN 81-7021-326-6

From the Book

Much has been said and dealt with by almost all schools of medicine in this field but one does not find the available knowledge about it in one place.

It seems expedient, therefore to put together all that can reasonably be collected at one place: subject to the exigencies of space and precision.

Therefore, these pages shall make known for the advantage of the public and the progressive-medical men how to protect, abort, treat and manage influenza and post influenza sequelae from the angle of vision of the Allopathic and Homeopathic systems of medicine


Introduction -- 5

I Allopathic View -- 7
II Homeopathic View -- 16
III Homeopathic Medicines -- 30
IV Homeopathic Therapeutic's -- 38
V Some , Clinical Tips On Influenza from Various Masters -- 47
VI Post Influenzal conditions and their treatment -- 50
VII Lectures by Dr. Younan Dr. S.K. Ghosh -- 59
VIII The dangers of Aspirin and what should be substituted -- 70
IX Materia Medica -- 75
X Lecture by Dr. D. M. Borland -- 97
XI (a) Biochemic Treatment -- 123
(b) Miniature Repertory -- 127

XII Summary -- 131