Homeopathy in Practice

Homeopathy in Practice

  • Douglas Borland, MB, ChB, FFHom
  • Kathleen Priestman, editor


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Borland offers detailed guidance on the observation of symptoms and the choice of remedies.

Symptom pictures of various important remedies are discussed and a comprehensive new symptom index is included.

208 pp pb
ISBN 0-906584-06-X
Beaconsfield Publishers, Ltd.


Dr Douglas Borland presented the material in this book as a course to doctors at the London Homeopathic Hospital during the nineteen-thirties. Dr Kathleen Priestman, who attended the course at the beginning of her medical career, edited it for publication.

Dr Borland's homeopathic insight remains as fresh and important today as it ever was.

Wherever current medical practice has moved on since his day, notably in the availability of antibiotics and the development of modern surgical techniques, the text has been edited to take this into account.

From the Book

What remedies should you keep for the emergencies of general practice?

How does the homeopath treat pain?

What can homeopathy offer for gastroenteritis or the common cold, or for virus infection in general?

How do you distinguish between the remedies?

Borland covers a wide variety of the complaints and disorders that are commonly seen in general practice, with detailed guidance on their treatment by homeopathy. He then studies a number of major groups of related remedies, analyzing the characteristics they have in common and those that differentiate between them.


Explanation of homeopathic terms,
Potency - Modalities - Constitution,
constitutional remedy or type.


Injuries and Emergencies
Sprains and dislocations - Fractures - Head or spinal injury
- Small wounds and lacerations - Sepsis - Fainting
- Injuries to the eye - Acute otitis media - Acute neuralgias
- Post-herpetic neuralgias - Sciatica - Acute colic


Sore Throats

Respiratory Conditions
Colds - Bronchitis - Pneumonia - Post-influenza complications
and sequelae - Laryngitis and tracheitis - Digestive sequelae
- Depression - Exhaustion

Heart Conditions
Acute cardiac failure
- Gradual cardiac failure with a tendency to dilatation
- Acute cardiac angina

The Gastrointestinal Tract
Dyspepsia - Gastroenteritis - Constipation - Hemorrhoids

Obstetrics and Some Gynecological Conditions
Obstetrics - Postpartum hemorrhage - Accidental miscarriages
- Idiopathic miscarriages - Septic miscarriages - Leucorrhoea
- Uterine infection - Leucorrhoea complicated by malignancy


Pre- and Post-Operative Treatment
Eyes - Throat and nose
- Abdomen, right upper quadrant, left upper quadrant
- Intestinal stasis - Sphincters - Colics


The Kali Salts

Kali Bich.
- appearance, temperature and time reactions, respiratory,
- food, bladder, fibrositis, migraine

Kali Brom.
- personality, pathological conditions, epilepsy

Kali Carb.
- personality, mental, fears, temperature and time reactions,
character of pains, trigeminal neuralgia, respiratory,
food, bladder, fibrositis, migraine

Kali Sulph.
- personality, skin, general reactions, headache,
respiratory, mouth, arthritis, sleep

The Natrum Salts

Natrum Mur. - Natrum Ars. - Natrum Carb.
- Natrum Phos. - Natrum Sulph.:
Personality, Temperature Reactions, Food Reactions,
Discharges, Tongue, Digestive Tract

Seventeen Important Remedies
Sulphur - Calcarea Carb. - Graphites - Thuja
- Psorinum - Causticum - Phosphorus - Nitric Acid
- Medorrhinum - Lachesis - Ferrum Met. - Lycopodium
- Arsenicum Alb. - Silica - Tuberculinum - Sarsaparilla
- Sanicula

Comparison of Lilium Tig., Natrum Mur. and Sepia
Mentalities - General Reactions - Headache - Food - Abdominal - Sexual

The Use of Four Nosodes
Psorinum - Tuberculinum - Medorrhinum - Syphilinum

Remedy Index

Symptom Index

Douglas Borland
MB, ChB, FFHom.

1885 - 1960

Dr. Borland saw active duty during World War I with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Postwar, Borland established a practice in London and returned to the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital, where he became senior consultant physician and chief of staff.

He was respected for his presence as a doctor and his willingness to assist his colleagues.

Borland wrote several popular books. These include:
Influenzas (1939)
Pneumonias (1939)
Children's Types (1939)
Some Emergencies of General Practice (1946)
Homeopathy for Mother and Infant (1950)

Borland died November 29, 1960.

Kathleen Priestman

Dr Priestman worked under Dr Borland during her post as resident at the London Homeopathic Hospital, following this by a career in a general homeopathic practice. She has now retired from practice, and is active in teaching homeopathy.