Homeopathy: What to Expect?

Homeopathy: What to Expect?

  • Edward de Beukelaer




Including 101 lively veterinary case studies.

An easily accessible look at homeopathy, with the emphasis on the basics necessary for successful prescriptions.

271 pp pb
ISBN 1-41204509-6


Starting with a brief historic overview and a thorough look at homeopathic principles, the author places homeopathy within the context of conventional, complementary and alternative medicines.

De Beukelaer stresses the importance of having an in-depth understanding of the concept of homeopathy.

The 101 "lively" cases are garnered from his own case files and those of several colleagues. These offer a wide spectrum of material for consideration whether one is a seasoned practitioner or new to the elegance of homeopathy.

From the Book

This book is (de Beukelaer's) effort to help homeopathy find its right place in medicine through informing those who want to benefit from it.

Very different from the many self-help books, Homeopathy: What to Expect? aims towards sensible integration of homeopathic medicine in your health strategy by explaining in accessible language its strengths and weaknesses.


How I came to homeopathy -- 3
Homeopathy in the light of medical history -- 7
Homeopathy, a technique on its own -- 11
Hahnemann the instigator of the homeopathic principles -- 11
Hahnemann's experiments -- 14
Hahnemann tries to improve his prescriptions -- 18
The Organon -- 21
The homeopathic principle -- 24
Using homeopathy --32
What is classical homeopathy? -- 35
Individual medicine? -- 39
What to ell the homeopath? -- 40
Homeopathic medicine and homeopathically prepared medicines -- 43
Homeopathy and placebo -- 47
Three different kinds of practicing medicine -- 50
Homeopathic dilutions -- 57
Homeopathic dilutions and modern science -- 63
What homeopathic remedies are made from
and the difference of homeopathy to herbal medicine -- 66
Like cures like -- 67
What can be treated with homeopathy? -- 70
Homeopathy and conventional diagnosis -- 72
Homeopathy and concepts of disease -- 77
How homeopathy works? -- 82
Conclusion -- 90
Homeopathy from day to day -- 101
Epilogue -- 262
List of remedies -- 265

Edward de Beukelaer

Edward de Beukelaer graduated as a doctor in veterinary medicine at the University of Ghent in Belgium. After having worked five years in mixed practice in the UK and France, he started to study homeopathy in 1991 in Paris (SHV).

When he obtained their certificate, he enrolled in an internationally well-respected school in Esneux (CLH. Belgium) where eight years later he continues to study classical homeopathy and regularly contributes to the school’s French magazine.