Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy for Children

  • Murray Feldman
  • Gabrielle Pinto


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A comprehensive reference book written by two leading homoeopaths.

For all parents who wish to treat first aid situations and the common complaints of childhood.

United Kingdom
226 pp pb

From the Book


Homoeopathy is now widely accepted as a potent form of medicine both by the medical profession and by natural therapists. Homoeopathic remedies are safe, natural, fast-acting and effective.

This comprehensive reference book written by two leading homoeopaths is for all parents who wish to treat their children in first aid situations and for the common complaints and diseases of childhood.

The book includes:
-an introduction to homoeopathy - how it helps the body's own healing processes
-an A-Z of homoeopathic first aid treatment
-an A-Z of common conditions and childhood diseases and how to treat them
-treating your child's emotional and developmental problems with homoeopathy
-guidance on when your doctor's or homoeopath's advice should be sought

With homoeopathy, helping your child to stay healthy is something you can take an active part in. Gabrielle Pinto and Murray Feldman practice and teach homoeopathy in England, Canada and the USA.

Between them they have more than 30 years' clinical experience as homoeopaths, treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions in children.


Using Homeopathy to Treat Simple Illnesses -- xi-xii
How to Use this Book -- xiii-xiv

Section 1
What is Homeopathy? -- 1-20

Ch. 1 - Taking Your Child's Case -- 3-7
Ch. 2 - History and Philosophy of Homeopathy -- 8-14
Ch. 3 - Selecting, Taking and Storing Remedies -- 15-20

Section 2
Treating Your Child With Homeopathy -- 21-146

Ch. 4 - Homeopathic First Aid -- 23-46
Animal Bites and Puncture Wounds -- 24
Bruises -- 25
Burns and Scalds -- 26-28
Cuts and Grazes -- 29
Dental Treatment -- 29-30
Eye Injuries and Strains -- 31-33
Finger and Toe Injuries -- 34
Fracturese -- 35
Head Injuries -- 36-37
Insect Bites and Stings -- 38
Nosebleeds -- 39-40
Shock -- 41
Sprains and Strains -- 41-43
Sun Stroke and Heat Sickness -- 44-46

Ch. 5 - Homeopathic Treatment for Everyday Complaints -- 47-125
Bedwetting -- 47-48
Circumcision -- 49
Colds, Coughs, and Chest Complaints -- 49
Bronchitis -- 49-64
Colds -- 50-51
Coughs and Chest Complains -- 52-55
Coughs (in general) -- 56-58
Croup -- 59-60
Laryngitis -- 61-62
Pneumonia -- 63-64
Convulsions -- 65-66
Digestive Problems -- 67-78
Appendicitis -- 67
Colic -- 68-69
Constipation -- 70
Diarrhoea -- 71-74
Jaundice -- 75
Poisoning -- 75
Vomiting and Nausea -- 75-78
Earache -- 79-82
Exam Nerves -- 83
Eye Problems -- 84
Conjunctivitis -- 84-85
Styes -- 86-87
Fever -- 88
Headache -- 92-94
Influenza -- 95-97
Mouth Problems -- 98
Mouth Ulcers -- 98
Thrush -- 98-99
Skin Disorders -- 100-111
Boils -- 100-102
Cold Sores -- 103
Cradle Cap -- 103
Eczema -- 104-105
Hives (Nettle Rash) -- 106
Impetigo -- 107-108
Milk Crusts (Baby Acne) -- 109
Nappy (Diaper) Rash -- 110
Psoriasis -- 111
Warts -- 111
Teething -- 112-115
Throat Complaints and Tonsillitis -- 116-119
Travel Sickness -- 120-121
Umbilical Hernia -- 122
Worms -- 123-125

Ch. 6 - Homeopathic Treatment for Childhood Diseases -- 126-141
Chicken Pox -- 126-127
German Measles (Rubella) -- 128
Measles -- 129-131
Mumps -- 132-133
Whooping Cough -- 134-138
A Note about Vaccination and Homeopathic Prevention -- 139-141

Ch. 7 - Treatments for Newborn Babies -- 142-145
Blueness -- 142
Colic -- 142
Constipation -- 142
Diarrhoea -- 143
Fright -- 143
Injuries to Neck and Spine During Delivery -- 143
Milk, Sudden Aversion to -- 143
Sleepy Babies -- 143
Snuffles -- 144
Sore Eyes -- 144
Urine Retention -- 145

Section 3
Homeopathy and Your Child's Emotions -- 147-162

Ch. 8 - Your Child's Emotional Development -- 149-161
Failure to Thrive -- 149-152
Behavioural Problems -- 153
Anxiety, Fears and Crying -- 153-154
Grief and Loss -- 155-156
Anger, Hyperactivity and the Naughty Child -- 157-159
Some Strategies for Dealing with Your Child's Moods -- 160-161

Section 4
Homeopathic Remedy Pictures -- 163-207

Ch. 9 - Constitutional Treatment and Remedy Types -- 165-167

Ch. 10 - Materia Medica of Important Homeopathic Remedies -- 168-207
Acon. -- 169
Apis -- 170
Arn. -- 171
Ars. -- 172
Aur. -- 173
Bar-c. -- 174
Bell. -- 175-176
Bry. -- 177-178
Calc. -- 179
Canth. -- 180
Cham. -- 181
Ferr-p. -- 182
Gels. -- 183
Hep. -- 184-185
Hyper. -- 186
Ip. -- 186-187
Led. -- 188
Lyc. -- 188-189
Mercurus vivus -- 190-191
Nat-m. -- 192
Nux-v. -- 193-194
Phos. -- 195-196
Puls. -- 197-199
Rhus-t. -- 200
Ruta -- 201
Sil. -- 202
Staph. -- 203
Sulph. -- 204-206
Symph. -- 207
Urt-u. -- 207

Glossary -- 208-211
Useful Addresses -- 212-215
Further Reading -- 216-218
Bibliography -- 219-220

Murray Feldman,

(1945  -   )

Murray Feldman was born in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada on April 7, 1945. He can be reached at the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy, 2246 Spruce St., Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 2P3.

His phone is 604 733-6811
His website is www.homeopathyvancouver.com

Murray Feldman is the founder and director of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. Murray has been studying, practicing and lecturing in homeopathy since 1977.

Murray studied for three years in India, then graduated from The College of Homoeopathy in London, England. He has also studied with George Vithoulkas, Roger Morrison, Rajan Sankaran, Jayesh Shah and other homeopathic teachers and practitioners.

Murray lectures internationally and has taught in England, Finland, ireland, Israel, and the United States. Murray practices homeopathy at the Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy.

He is also a member of the academic commitee for Homeopathic Research and Charities in Mumbai (Bombay), India, a postgraduate training centre for advanced homeopathic studies. He does most of the teaching in the first year and is the primary instructor in homeopathic philosophy.


-Reviewed by Sue Millican

This is a book by two respected and well-loved homeopaths; many of us have benefited from their guidance and teaching.

So it was with much interest that I opened it: was it going to live up to my expectations? Was it going to encourage parents to prescribe a cocktail of remedies or even repertorize or convince them that they knew their child's constitutional remedy thereby trivialising the art and science of homoeopathy?

There is absolutely no danger of that.

The book opens with an Introduction in which it is stated: "This book is intended primarily as a self-help guide for the treatment of minor ailments." This part also includes instructions on "How to use this book". Thereafter the book is divided into sections:

Section One entitled "What is Homoeopathy?" includes clear, concise instructions on taking a case in an acute illness. It also includes explanations of all the basic principles of homoeopathy, in a way which is straightforward, enjoyable and accessible to the newcomer to homeopathy.

Advice on potency is again clear and states that the reader should not go above the 30th potency.

Section Two got down to the nitty-gritty with "Treating your Child with Homoeopathy." This had chapters on treatments for First Aid, Everyday Complaints, Childhood Diseases and the New-born. The acid test for this section was that the information should be readily accessible to a lay person, possibly anxious, using homoeopathy for the first time.

This criterion was well satisfied, recommending when to seek further medical advice and including "External and Common- sense Measures." In this Section the authors also tackle the question of vaccination; they neither fudge the issue nor are they dictatorial.

As they say "...parents must make the decisions that they feel most comfortable with". I feel this epitomizes the tone of the book: gentle, supportive and encouraging.

Section 3 covers emotional development and how homoeopathy can help a child's emotions. At the outset the authors recommend that the reader seek the advice of an experienced practitioner. Again I liked the way the authors are not afraid to repeat themselves if the advice needed repeating. This section is clear and interesting and advice is given without being patronising.

Section 4 is "Homoeopathic Remedy Pictures", including an outline description of Constitutional Prescribing with some pictures which manages to be clear and interesting without trivialising. No information is given which would tempt the reader to prescribe themselves.

The book finishes with a glossary, a list of useful addresses and suggestions for further reading.

Overall a thoroughly good book. There is only one piece of advice I would like to have seen in such a comprehensive book: throughout the reader is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced practitioner yet nowhere do they suggest how this could be done. Under the entry of 'Homoeopaths' in my Yellow Pages there is a number of practitioners listed with a number of different and possibly bewildering letters after their names. I would have liked to have seen some advice as to what questions a parent could ask when approaching a homoeopath for the first time. This would have fitted in with the general helpful tone.

To sum up: I would warmly recommend this book to my patients and to a parent looking for an alternative treatment to orthodox medicine.

Number 64, Winter 1997
Reprinted with permission from the Society of Homeopaths