What Homeopathy Has to Offer People with Cancer - CD

What Homeopathy Has to Offer People with Cancer - CD

  • Manfred Mueller




This two part lecture was recorded at the 2007 Joint American Homeopathic Conference in Denver. It covers recent scientific and laboratory studies on homeopathic cancer treatment.

Manfred Mueller's CD tutorial series explores his clinically effective approach to treating the effects of past infections, vaccinations, drugs, toxins and occupational exposures.

CD - 2½ Hours


With fascinating stories from his own practice, Mueller explains his rational scientific methodology and discusses legal issues practitioners must know before embarking on this rewarding healing specialty.

This CD presentation includes:

· the author's brilliant description of the cancer personality
· a ten-point self-evaluation questionnaire to identify predisposition to cancer
· a how-to on case taking with particular attention to the history
· a description of treatment process, including how to remove obstacles to cure and optimize
· results by antidoting suppressive drug effects and introducing lifestyle changes

Manfred Mueller

Manfred Mueller, RSHom(NA), CCH is a distinguished homeopathic practitioner and educator. His entry in Yasgur's Dictionary says:

Manfred is a German-born U.S. homeopath who pioneered "Reverse Chronological Tautopathy" ("clearing remedies") — a systematic approach to removing the secondary effects of past suppressions (as from antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDS, vaccines, etc.) by a brief "pre-treatment" with the same or similar substance in potentized form.

Mr. Mueller expanded on insights from 40 et al. of the Organon where Hahnemann notes that when two or more dissimilar diseases are present, it may be necessary to alternate remedies to effect a total cure. In 1989 he founded The Homeopathic College. He has been President of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) since 2005.

He has been in full-time homeopathic practice since 1986 and is currently an official clinical rotation site for medical students and residents nationwide.

In 1989, he founded The Homeopathic College. For more information, please visit www.thehomeopathiccollege.org He has published articles in The American Homeopath and the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine. He has given talks at Joint Annual American Homeopathic Conferences and international symposiums.

Mr. Mueller is in his second term as President of the North American Society of Homeopaths. He is a board member of the Homeopathic Action Alliance (HAA) and former board member of the Council for Homeopathic Education (CHE).

Mr. Mueller has developed a comprehensive approach to homeopathic treatment for the adverse effects of past infections, vaccinations, drugs, toxins and occupational exposures.

In his practice he uses multiple strategies that integrate current scientific insight into homeopathic methodology without sacrificing the classical principles. For the past fifteen years he has been an integrative medicine consultant for the Program on Integrative Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, at Chapel Hill.

Mr. Mueller demonstrates daily, with consistently excellent clinical results, that homeopathy is a viable treatment for people with complex chronic disorders including cancer, as well as for those with the most common of complaints.