The Homeopathy Bible

The Homeopathy Bible

  • Ambika Wauters


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The Definitive Guide to Remedies

This compact volume is loaded with information: homeopathic history, theory, remedy pictures, home prescribing guidelines, and adjuncts.

The generous use of photos and beautiful layout make it an ideal gift for a family member, client, or someone who is just being introduced to homeopathy.

400 pp pb
ISBN 978-1-4027-4547-8


This is a compact (5.5 x 6.5 x 1) book, beautifully illustrated with photographs and chock-full of accessible information. The photos of remedy sources are especially delightful, many full-page and in stunningly rich color.

The author introduces her own system of classifying the materia medica, homeopathic remedy categories, which will be helpful as an introduction to the remedies for newcomers. Example categories include: First Aid Remedies, Female Remedies, and Childbirth Remedies.


Part One
Introduction -- 6

What is homeopathy? -- 8
The history of homeopathy -- 10
The law of similars -- 12
Vital force -- 14
Differentiating symptoms -- 18
Case studies -- 20
Homeopathic dilutions -- 24
Homeopathic aggravation -- 26
Homeopathy and conventional medicine -- 28
The practice of homeopathy -- 30
Genetic predispostion -- 32
Identifying the five miasms -- 34
How to choose a remedy -- 38
How to take a remedy -- 40
Contraindications -- 42
Keeping healthy -- 46
Avoiding common illnesses -- 50

Part Two
Homeopathic materia medica -- 54

Understanding the materia medica -- 56
First-aid remedies -- 58
Materia medica -- 62

Part Three
Treating acute and chronic conditions -- 292

How to self-prescribe -- 294
Circulatory and respiratory symptoms -- 296
Digestive system -- 304
Musculoskeletal system -- 314
Sensory and nervous systems -- 320
Skin -- 330
Moods and emotions -- 342
Reproductive system and pregnancy -- 346
Injury and surgery -- 350
Babies, children, and immune system problems -- 352

Part Four
Support therapies and essences -- 368

Cell salts -- 370
Flower essences -- 374
Hormonal remedies -- 378
Homeopathic color remedies -- 382
Gemmotherapy -- 386
Gemstone elixirs -- 387

Glossary -- 388
Index -- 392
Acknowledgements -- 400