Homeopathy - An A to Z Home Handbook

Homeopathy - An A to Z Home Handbook

  • Alan Schmukler


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An excellent resource for home prescriber or the busy practitioner alike.

351 pp pb


Here are some of the reasons this book is unique:

  • It covers both common and serious illnesses (from colds and flu to heart attack, heavy metal poisoning and hydrophobia.).
  • It offers more remedies to choose from, so you can individualize the case.
  • Each of the thousands of remedy descriptions are carefully worded so you can easily distinguish among them.
  • It is written in plain English, without medical terminology. Each of the conditions is described in a single paragraph of the most important information.
  • It covers topics not found in any other single work, including:

  • Homeopathic Immunization — Remedies to help prevent every major epidemic disease.
  • Remedies for Antibiotic Resistant Infections
  • Making Remedies from Scratch — A step by step process for making a remedy from almost any substance. If you have been made ill by a chemical or drug, a remedy made from that substance can often be used for healing.
  • Remedies for various kinds of pain, such as radiating, throbbing, wandering, and unendurable.
  • Organ Remedies — Remedies with an affinity for the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and Liver.
  • How to select remedies when you don't know the name of the ailment. A must for the layperson, which is not trained in diagnosis.
  • Remedies for almost every occupation — From activists and astronauts to typists and welders.
  • Vaccination Effects — Remedies to both prevent and treat the ill effects of vaccination.
  • Making Remedies Last Forever — A little known method for extending your supply of remedy. If someone is ill and you only have a few pellets left, you can extend that quantity indefinitely.
  • How to Use a Repertory — For anyone who wants to explore further and take homeopathy to the next step. A concise explanation of the process used by professional homeopaths.
  • Pregnancy and Birth — Remedies for everything from morning sickness and difficult labor to retained placenta, and post partum hemorrhage.
  • Remedies for emotional problems. It covers everything from phobias and panic attacks, to rage, depression and acute psychoses.
  • A concise explanation of how homeopathy works, using the latest theories from molecular research.
  • A brief history of homeopathy with a fascinating look at the politics of medicine.
  • A discussion of homeopathy's dramatic successes in both treatment and prevention of serious illness. Also, an account of how extensively homeopathy is practiced throughout the world.
  • Contents

    Acknowledgments -- vii
    Introduction -- 1

    1: The What, How, and Why of Homeopathy -- 7
    What Is Homeopathy -- 7
    Why Turn to Homeopathy -- 8
    What You Can Accomplish with Homeopathy -- 10
    Homeopathyís Track Record -- 11
    Prevention -- 12
    How Homeopathy Got Started -- 12
    How Homeopathic Remedies Are Made -- 14
    How Does Homeopathy Work
    Why Should an Energy Pattern Heal Disease -- 15
    The Minimum Dose -- 17
    Provings -- 18
    Who Makes These Remedies and Where Do I Get Them -- 19

    2: Finding and Using the Right Remedy -- 21
    Rules for Using Remedies -- 21
    How Do You Select the Correct Remedy -- 23
    Finding the Remedy When You Donít Know the Name of the Ailment -- 28

    3: Ailments A to Z -- 31

    4: Organ Remedies -- 241
    Heart -- 241
    Lungs -- 243
    Kidneys -- 245
    Liver -- 246

    5: Remedy Descriptions -- 249

    6: Pregnancy and Birth -- 267

    7: Preventing Illness with Homeopathy -- 289
    Homeopathic Immunization -- 289
    Remedies for Prevention of Illness -- 292

    8: First Aid Remedies for Specific Occupations and Activities -- 295

    9: Economizing: Making Your Remedies Last Forever -- 311

    10: Homeopathy Around the World -- 315
    Who Uses Homeopathy -- 315
    Well-Known People Who Have Used Homeopathy -- 318
    A Brief History of Homeopathy in the United States -- 318
    Homeopathy in the United States Today -- 321

    11: How to Use a Repertory -- 323

    12: Remedies for Your Home Kit -- 331

    13: Resources -- 335
    Bibliography -- 341
    Index -- 347

    Alan V. Schmukler

    Alan V. Schmukler is a Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, President's Scholar graduate of Temple University.

    After studying respiratory therapy he worked for three years at Einstein Medical Hospital, spending thousands of hours in the emergency room and intensive care. He was inspired to learn about homeopathy when, sixteen years ago, it cured him of an infection. Since then he has been either studying, teaching, practicing or writing about homeopathy.

    His understanding of homeopathy has been deepened by the teachings of Beth Rotondo, Dr. Henry Williams, Robin Murphy, Dr. Bernardo Merizalde, Louis Dion and others.

    In addition to homeopathy, Alan studied naturopathic healing with Dr. Luelle Hamilton and learned esoteric diagnostics with Dr. Lance Wright.

    Alan founded the Homeopathic Study Group of Metropolitan Philadelphia and was editor of Homeopathy News and Views, the first popular culture national newsletter on homeopathy. His articles have appeared in magazines such as Progressive Health, Lilipoh and Wisdom.

    Alan's students have included lay people, nurses, chiropractors and physicians. He taught homeopathy at Temple University and has lectured widely.


    Alan Schmukler has an amazing ability to bring Homeopathy to life in a clear and precise way. This book is valuable to the novice as well as the most experienced homeopath. I feel it is the best overview of homeopathy I have seen and will recommend it to all my patients.
    Beth Rotondo
    4thGeneration Homeopath and mother of five.

    Alan Schmukler has gifted us with a survival kit packed full of vital and usable information, helpful tips, delightful tidbits and, best of all, hope and empowerment. With this work, homeopathy has indeed become medicine for the peopleís liberation.
    Lucille Balukian
    President Citizens Alliance for Progressive Health Awareness.

    Honest, ego-free medical guidance. The author has demonstrated an exquisite understanding of the basic philosophy of homeopathy as well as an innate ability to present information simply and usably. His advice is sound. The thoughtful reader would do well to follow it!.
    Dr. Bonnie Bennett
    Physician, Surgeon, Osteopath, Homeopath