First-Aid and Acute Care: The NCH Study Guide

First-Aid and Acute Care: The NCH Study Guide

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Designed as a learning tool for study groups and home prescribers, this workbook covers 11 lessons.

Topics include sports injuries & accidents, coughs & colds, stomach & bowel problems and much more.

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Materials include fill-in-the-blank quizzes with answer keys as well as flow charts and diagrams. The limits of home care are stressed.

The following titles are recommended as adjunct books:

From the Book

The goal of this introductory workbook in homeopathy is for all participants to develop a practical understanding of homeopathy, including how to use it for themselves and their families to treat minor accidents and illnesses at home.

This workbook is extracted from the Manual for Homeopathic Study Groups published by the National Center for Homeopathy


Lesson 1 & 2
Introduction to Homeopathy
Lesson 3 & 4
Accidents & Sport Injuries
Lesson 5
Other Emergencies

Lesson 6
Coughs & Colds
Lesson 7
Stomach & Bowel Problems
Lesson 8
Care for Babies
Lesson 9
Care During Childhood & Adolescence
Lesson 10
Care for Women & Men
Lesson 11
Care for Pets

Materia Medica
Supplemental Reading
Beginner's Class Evaluation
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