The Desert World: A Homeopathic Exploration

The Desert World: A Homeopathic Exploration

  • Todd Rowe MD, MD(H), CCH, DHt


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This book evokes the images, feelings, stories, sensations and energy of the desert, showing how they manifest in the medicines that derive from the desert, and the people who need them. Extensive CD Included
492 pp pb
ISBN: 0972022414


Key features include:
New approach to analyzing cases through the study of biomes
Exploration of the natural history of the desert
Themes, sensations and energy of desert medicines
New proving material on desert medicines
Cured cases using desert medicines

From the Book

The Desert World is an exploration of the desert. As homeopaths, we possess a unique window into the natural world. Like folklore and mythology, homeopathy can speak to the true nature of things offering us a way to embrace the spirit of everything in our natural world...

We can be profoundly touched and healed by our connection with the desert.


Dedication -- 5
Acknowledgements -- 7
Table of Contents -- 8-9
Desert World CD contents -- 10
Foreword -- 11-13
Introduction -- 14-23

What is Desert? -- 26-29
Desert Geology/Topography -- 30-34
Desert Plants 35-40 .
Desert Animals -- 41-47
Man in the Desert -- 48-59

Listing of Desert Remedies -- 62-63
Desert Themes, Sensations and Energy -- 64-65
Desert Source Words -- 66
Central Desert Focuses -- 67-69
Focus 1: Water -- 70-85
Focus 2: Prolonged Torpor Followed by Intense Activity 86-97
Focus 3: Transformation -- 98-111
Focus 4. Desolation -- 112-122
Focus 5: Nomad -- 123-133
Focus 6: Ambush -- 134-142
Focus 7: Underground -- 143-152

Introduction to the Provings -- 154-156
Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum) -- 157-183
Cases -- 165-176
Natural History -- 177-180
Rubrics -- 181-183
Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) -- 184-208
Cases -- 191-200
Natural History -- 201-203
Rubrics -- 204-208
Turkey Vulture -- (Cathartes aura) 209-225
Natural History -- 214-218
Rubrics -- 219-225
Crested Prickly Poppy -- (Argemone pleiacantha) 226-245
Natural History -- 233-234
Rubrics -- 235-245
Turquoise -- 246-271
Cases -- 254-257
Natural History -- 258-262
Rubrics -- 263-271
Creosote Bush (Larrea tridentata) -- 272-305
Cases -- 279-287
Natural History -- 288-291
Rubrics -- 292-305
Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) -- 306-330
Natural History -- 316-318
Rubrics -- 319-330
Tumbleweed (Salsola tragus) -- 331-353
Natural History -- 339-344
Rubrics -- 345-353

Desert Mineral Remedies -- 356-360
Case -- 361-365
Desert Plant Remedies -- 366-406
Cases -- 407-421
Desert Animal Remedies -- 423-441
Cases -- 442-453
Desert Imponderabilia -- 454-456
Bibliography -- 457-474
Appendix: Other Suggested Desert Remedies -- 475-479
Index -- 480-488
Available from the Desert Institute -- 490-491
Future Directions -- 492

· Complete text of Heloderma suspectum proving
· Complete text of Carnegiea gigantea proving
· Complete text of Argemone pleiacantha proving
· Complete text of Turquoise proving
· Complete text of Larrea tridentata proving
· Complete text of Geococcyx californianus proving
· Complete text of Salsola tragus proving
· Complete text of Cathartes aura proving
· Complete text of Geochelone sulcata proving
· Comparison of two provings of Larrea tridentata
· Comparison of two provings of Salsola tragus
· Listing of KA:CIM Sicknesses
· Desert Focus Research
· For More Information

Todd Rowe, MD, CCH, DHt, RSHom

(1958 -     )

Todd Rowe was born October 14, 1958 in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Dr. Rowe received his medical degree from Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical School, Chicago, Illinois. He completed the four-year program at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 1995. He has been in homeopathic practice since 1989.

Since 1994 Dr. Rowe has been the Homeopathy Study Group Education Coordinator for the National Center for Homeopathy. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Council for Homeopathic Certification and the Council for Homeopathic Education. He has been President of the National Center for Homeopathy since 2000. Dr. Rowe has been the Director of Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy since 1996.

Dr. Rowe has produced audiotape and videotape homeopathy courses for physicians. He is author of Homeopathic Methodology, The Homeopathic Journey, and contributing author for the Clinician's Rapid Access Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

He has been involved with the provings of Heloderma suspectum (Hila Monster), Carnegeia gigantea (Saguaro Cactus), Urolophus halleri (Stingray), and Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture), Oxalis acetosella, and Argemone polyanthemos.


Dr. Todd Rowe leads us through an entire ecosystem with the lens of a reverent scientist in this revolutionary approach to the vast and mysterious realm of remedies of the desert.

Using sensation, seven levels and Hahnemannian provings, he brings all of our oldest and most recently developed methods of studying Materia Medica together.

This book is a giant leap forward for homeopathy
- Nancy Herrick PA