Homeopathy to the Rescue for Cats - chart/poster

Homeopathy to the Rescue for Cats - chart/poster

  • Lorelei Whitney, M.H.




This colorful double-sided chart covers all the most common 'cat complaints'.

Remedy and potency suggestions for each condition make this a perfect reference for those who are new to homeopathy.

Includes a thorough discussion of dosing, including repetition, dry and water doses, and emergency situations.

Plastic laminated, beautifully illustrated and ready to hang on the wall or door for easy reference.

Printed in the US


Conditions covered include: fur balls, abscesses, bruises & hematomas, broken bones, shock, bladder stones, diarrhea, vomiting, surgery, sudden collapse, insect bites, dental problems, fever, vaccinosis, animal bites, puncture wounds, accidents & injuries, poisoning, mouth inflammation, fear, anticipation anxiety, skin problems, respiratory infections, dehydration, and cystitis.