Birds:  Seeking the Freedom of the Sky

Birds: Seeking the Freedom of the Sky

  • Peter Fraser


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The author reviews forty different remedies from what is becoming one of the most important families in homeopathic practice.

Simply the most comprehensive summary of the Birds available in one volume, with comparisons and references to proving material. Individuating characteristics of each bird remedy are drawn directly from the provings.

United Kingdom
211 pp, pb
ISBN 9781-874581-215


In less than 30 years, homeopathy has gone from four bird remedies to dozens, and many homeopaths are finding this family to be indispensible in practice. In this concise summary of the Birds, Fraser considers the provings of forty different avians and their various families, from diving Birds to raptors, from nighttime hunters to daytime scavengers, from flightless domestic fowl to tiny hovercraft.

As in the other Transformation Between the Realms volumes, the author introduces the subject with the common characteristics of the group. Breaking down the avian realm into its various families, he introduces each with a discussion of what sets that family apart from the rest.

Individuating characteristics of each bird remedy are drawn directly from the provings. Nowhere else can the homeopath get such a broad overview in so compact a volume.

The Transformation Between the Realms series includes Spiders, Snakes, Birds and Insects.

From the Book

Transformation Between the Realms

There are two types of symptom in any case. Most symptoms make up what can be seen as the background of the case. These are stable and distinctive and they will lead the prescriber to a group of remedies. Examples of the background are the Miasms, the Botanical and Zoological Families, the Periodic Table, the Realms and the Kingdoms.

It is sometimes possible to find the indicated remedy by cross referencing the various background features of the case. This approach has great appeal as it appears to be ordered and systematic and does not require a detailed knowledge of the remedies.

In fact a completely unknown remedy can be prescribed purely on its relationship to other known remedies. However, this approach is not as easy to work with as it seems as the slightest misunderstanding in classifying the case will invariably lead to the wrong remedy.

The background in the case will usually lead to a group of remedies and it is differentiating within the group and finding the specific group member indicated in the case that is the most difficult part of remedy selection.

Although other backgrounds do differentiate somewhat, there is usually a correspondence between different backgrounds. Many remedies that are of the Sea Realm are also Phlegmatic in nature and so knowing that a case is both of the Sea and Phlegmatic is not very helpful.

The foreground is the place in a case where there is dynamic energy and movement. It is the place where the patient becomes animated and where the symptoms are changing and contradictory.

This is the place that restricts, that prevents the patient from moving on and growing but it is also the place through which they will move and grow.

This is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the foreground of the case; it is as positive as it is negative and it is as healing as it is destructive.


Acknowledgement -- 1
Transformation Between the Realms -- 2
Birds - Seeking the Freedom of the Sky -- 5
Birds in General -- 18
The Bird Family Tree -- 36
Families -- 37
Repertorizing -- 38


Anas plalyrhynchos; Mallard -- 41
Cairina moschata, Anas barbariae (Oscillococcinum);
Barbary or Muscovy Duck -- 44
Anser anser; Greylag Goose -- 46
Branta canadensis; Canada Goose -- 49
Cygnus cygnus; Whooper Swan -- 54
Cygnus bewickii; Bewick's Swan -- 59
Cygnus olor; Mute Swan -- 63

Bonasa umbellus; Ruffed Grouse -- 65
Pavo cristatus; Peacock -- 68
Gallus gallus domesticus; Domestic Fowl -- 73
Meleagris gallopavo; Wild Turkey -- 79


Pelecanus occidentalis; Brown Pelican -- 82

Threskiornis aethiopicus; Sacred Ibis -- 87
Ardea herodias; Great Blue Heron -- 91

Larus argentatus; Herring Gull -- 96

Falco peregrinus; Peregrine Falcon -- 99
Falco cherrug; Saker Falcon -- 109
Buteo jamaicensis; Red-tailed Hawk -- 112
Haliaeetus leucocephalus; Bald Eagle -- 117

Vultur gryphus; Andean Condor -- 125
Cathartes aura; Turkey Vulture -- 129

Diomedea exulans; Wandering Albatross -- 134

Gavia immer; Common Loon -- 137

Spheniscus humboldti; Humboldt Penguin -- 143

Bubo virginianus; Great Horned Owl -- 147
Tyto alba; Bam Owl -- 149

Aerodramus fuciphagus, Nidus edulis; Edible-nest Swiftlet -- 154
Calypte anna; Anna's Hummingbird -- 156

Columba palumbus; Wood Pigeon (Dove) -- 161
Columba livia; Rock Pigeon -- 165

Ara macao; Scarlet Macaw -- 169
Geococcyx californianus; Greater Roadrunner -- 173

Pharomachrus mocinno; Resplendent Quetzal -- 178

CORVIDS -- 181
Corvus splendens; House Crow -- 182
Corvus corax; Raven -- 186

Erithacus rubecula; European Robin -- 191
Gracula religiosa; Java Hill Mynah -- 194
Passer domesticus; Sparrow -- 197
Guano australis; Bird Droppings -- 202
Tuberculinum aviare; Bird TB -- 203

Bird Remedies -- 205
Specific Birds and Bird Remedies -- 206

Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser was a bookseller and publisher before discovering Homeopathy. His work on many provings of new remedies led to an interest in contemporary disease which resulted in his book The AIDS Miasm.

Having taught in many parts of the world he realized there was a need for basic instructions to many of the concepts used in homeopathy, which this series aims to fill. He is the Director of the Institute of Homeopathy and practices in Bristol and London.


"Peterís series of books has been a revelation. This discrimination between insects and birds is so succinct it is hard to believe it is so true. I can think of no homeopathic books available which give so much wisdom for such a small cost! They have inspired my practice, and benefited my patients. "
— Geoff Johnson

"Peter brings a fine focus that penetrates the outer veils to reveal the simpler and truer nature of things. This leads to brevity of expression as well as concentration of the material: an aqua vitae from which we may sip and understand. The information given is really useful in practice, helping me to recognize similima. I have been eagerly awaiting this book. "
— Misha Norland