Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare

Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare

  • Savely Yurkovsky, MD
  • William A. Tiller - Foreword


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Subtitled Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine, this book teaches the preparation of simple digital vaccines against chemical agents or nuclear disaster.

It also addresses Hahnemann's often emphasized issue of removing the blocks to cure and provides hard core data showing that homeopathy is superior to conventional medicine.

251 pp pb
ISBN 0-9726346-0-6


Many cases are presented, including documented reversals of serious chronic diseases.

Specific biological agents addressed include anthrax, ricin, smallpox and West Nile Encephalitis.

In his Preface, Dr. Yurkovsky writes:

I invite the reader to explore in these pages the ways in which homeopathy and Bio-resonance testing offer superior medical interventions in accordance with the established standards of science. Because they act upon physiologic pathways through extraction and delivery of precise energetic information, they can be considered digital medical interventions.

It is not widely appreciated within the chemistry-based medical paradigm that profound changes in the body can be triggered through the precision medicines - which act as signals on energetic aspects of our human physiology.

Because immune and detoxifying organs charged with combating biological and chemical assaults possess these energetic aspects too, they are able to be turned on by these signals and act against specific noxious agents promptly and efficiently.

Based upon this principle, homeopathic digital vaccines and antidotes can be produced against any agent of terror aimed at the destruction of Man.

Furthermore, these preventatives and cures can be produced easily and within minutes by anyone.

Moreover, these energetic therapeutics offer an unsurpassed versatility; they can be prepared just as rapidly against unexpected or mutated strains of biological pathogens for which no conventional vaccines even exist. Their action is powerful and rapid while their cost is miniscule and their side effects, if any, are rare and few.

The information presented in this book offers potentially life-saving skills to readers and their loved ones. These methods can be used with equal benefit in cases of epidemic, industrial or household environmental contamination, or nuclear accidents.

Due to the serious nature of the subject involved, it is incumbent upon the author to include the body of data presenting scientific evidence in its support. Some readers, understandably, may find some of the material technical.

However, all readers stand to benefit greatly from the self-help section and by familiarizing themselves with the many clinical cases - and attendant cures - that demonstrate the unparalleled efficacy of this medical system.

From the Book

Three Sections
1. From the Cover
2. Brief Introduction
3. Foreword by William A. Tiller

From The Cover
5 good reasons why homeopathic practitioners
should read and carry this book for their patients.

1. The topic speaks for itself and the book delivers it like no other.

2. Often times we hear people say: 'Well, homeopathy can’t be taken seriously', 'this is not real medicine','it's for the naive' or 'conventional medicine, after all, is the real thing' etc. Regretfully, these statements, not uncommonly, come from well-educated people.

Many a times my patients have told me in tears that their family or friends reject homeopathy for these reasons, and would not engage in it no matter how poorly they fair with conventional or some 'holistic' treatments.

The book demonstrates a very revealing picture for any doubters and presents the hard core data based on the stringent scientific criteria to convince anyone that homeopathy addresses more fundamental domains of man’s physiology and as such is superior to conventional medicine.

3. The book represents a remarkable blend of scientific research and numerous clinical cases on behalf of homeopathy. It contains over 400 scientific references including the latest research in biophysics, as well as documented reversal of serious pathologies on the homeopathic treatment.

4. It addresses a very important issue that Hahnemann himself emphasized over and over throughout the Organon -- one of the frustrating blocks in cure (§ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 93, 94, 208, 252, 255, 260, 261). Dr. Yurkovsky shares with his homeopathic colleagues an incredibly effective approach that he evolved over the years, in removing these blocks with the use of isodes and sometimes autoisodes.

5. The book also offers a concise historical background of homeopathy in the United States and a long list of celebrities -- which many patients find very impressive -- who have been its renaissance throughout the world.

The book, unlike any other, establishes a new legacy for homeopathy as a credible medical science and is bound to win you many loyal patients.

Suffice to say, several prominent professionals and scientists including the ones from Stanford and Columbia Universities have endorsed it.

Brief Introduction
This book is indispensable for both laypersons and experienced homeopaths. Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., a classical homeopath with a special interest in toxicology and biological agents, has devoted years to address the often elusive blocks to cure stressed by Hahnemann throughout the Organon. (see aphorisms: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 93, 94, 208, 252, 255, 260, 261)

In our times, more than 150 years since Hahnemann’s death, these blocks, thanks to technological and medical advancements, have increased by hundreds-fold, making often the cure of chronic diseases via simillimum alone impossible even by the most knowledgeable homeopaths.

Dr. Yurkovsky shares with the reader his system of identifying the blocks via simple Bio-resonance testing - Applied Kinesiology - and their removal through the action of homeopathic isodes or autoisodes accompanied with proper homeopathic organ support.

The book contains abundant data demonstrating both scientific and clinical validity of this approach. Many cases, including ones with documented reversals of serious chronic diseases, are presented. The author shares his vast experience and its application in cases of ravages of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare.

Step-by-step detailed guidance is offered in the management of these agents. A very important analysis of the benefits and limitations of homeopathic (isodes, autoisodes, genus epidemicus, simillimum, complex remedies) and conventional approaches is offered depending upon the stage of exposure and illness.

The main means of protection are stunningly simple and effective. It teaches the reader how homeopathic vaccine-antidotes can be prepared right off the contaminated air, water, clothing, bodily fluids, etc. The guide to initial potency, reevaluation of a case, repetition or increase of potency is discussed.

The author also dispenses with the 'cultural myth', the notion of scientific superiority of conventional medicine as 'the real medicine' over homeopathy. Using an impartial language of hard science, he subjects both conventional medicine and homeopathy to rigorous scrutiny and demonstrates superiority of homeopathy in relation to more fundamental aspects of the physiology of Man.

Other fascinating sections in the book are devoted to the use of homeopathy in war-related injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome following September 11 and also the use of this method in case of environmental contamination in the household or workplace, or nuclear accidents.

There is no doubt that everyone stands to learn something important from this very informative and timely book.

Homeopathic practitioners may choose to order this copy in volume as their patients stand to appreciate homeopathy as the leading edge and superior medical science.

From the Foreword
by William A. Tiller
Stanford University
Professor Emeritus of Materials Science
Author Science and Human Transformation:
Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness

One century ago, the number of homeopathic medical practitioners in the USA and Europe was rapidly growing and catching up with the numbers of allopathic (conventional medical) practitioners.

However, the physical science studies of the past century have almost completely focused on the coarse chemical particulate level of physical reality and this experimental data greatly buttressed the allopathic viewpoint to the detriment of the homeopathic viewpoint.

Profit-driven professional rivalries plus pharmaceutical corporate greed led to the demise of those colleges devoted to homeopathy training so that by the middle of the past century there were very few practicing homeopathic M.D.s. However, for the past few decades, their numbers have been growing by leaps and bounds.

One reason for this has been the availability of new tools by which to conduct detailed experiments in the areas of subtle energies and energy medicine.

Another has been the disenchantment of the general public with both the cost, marginal effectiveness and unwanted side-effects associated with allopathic or 'chemical' medicine.

To illustrate the key difference in these two levels of medical understanding, let me use the following example. It is well known that placing colloidal particles of silver into a beaker of water that contains bacteria will kill the bacteria.

What is not so well known is that placing these colloidal silver particles in a nearby gas discharge tube, and focusing the electromagnetic emissions from such an operating tube onto the beaker, will also kill the bacteria.

Thus, physical contact between the bacteria and the silver is not a necessary condition for killing the bacteria.

Further, if one looks at the optical spectrum of silver and then combines the magnitudes of the optical output for several light sources of different frequencies so as to closely simulate the silver spectrum, such a beam of electromagnetic radiation will also kill these bacteria.

Via this simple example we see that it is the specific information pattern inherent in the silver atom and not the physical contact that is killing the bacteria.

And our general present-day experience with transforming one computer language to another shows us that the same basic information pattern (the same meaning) can exist in many different formats.

Thus, to understand the homeopathic/allopathic medicine duality, we must focus our attention on the various possible information pattern formats that Nature utilizes to express itself.

Dr. Yurkovsky refers to my two recent books, where one can explore some of the details behind my following statements, so I will utilize simple "bullet-type" assertions concerning my present views on how Nature expresses itself in what we call "physical reality":

De Broglie, in the 1920's, provided us with the concept that every particle in Nature traveled with its own pilot wave envelope around it. This became a cornerstone of present-day quantum mechanics.

The primary waves making up such an envelope were ultimately labeled information waves because they traveled at velocities greater than the speed of light.

Recent experiments strongly suggest that:

  • magnetic monopoles, functioning at the vacuum level between the fundamental particles that comprise atoms and molecules, "write" these information waves; and
  • a coupling substance (labeled deltrons) from the higher dimensional domain of emotion allows the coarse electric particles and these fine information waves to interact so as to provide electromagnetism (EM);
  • and human intention is able to interact directly with the deltrons so as to change the degree of this EM coupling and alter the magnitude of physical measurement.

The magnitude of any physical measurement, and thus what we call physical reality, is comprised of two parts:
  • the coarse particulate part; and
  • the fine information wave part

The magnitude of the second part is small relative to the first in our normal cognitive reality; however, it can be made larger using special procedures.

The information wave aspect of Nature is the precursor template for the coarse particulate aspect so that manipulation of this aspect can have significant influence on the structure and functionality of the coarse particulate aspect.

Thus, in the above example of silver and the bacteria, manipulating the information aspect of the silver can alter the information aspect of the bacteria in such a way as to "kill" the bacteria entity.

Homeopathy is thought to act on the information wave aspect of a particular remedy rather than the coarse particulate aspect (where allopathy reigns) and thus can display powerful medical therapeutic action on all life forms.

Finally, quantitative mathematics connecting the fine information wave domain of Nature with the coarse particulate domain of Nature shows that the total thermodynamic activity of a particular remedy, j, in an aqueous solution can continue to increase during the succussion/dilution process even when the coarse particulate concentration of j falls below the Avogadro number limit.

Learn more at the Science of Medicine Publishing website.


Acknowledgements -- 5
Foreword -- 12
Preface -- 15

Chapter 1
What Is Homeopathy, How Did It Come
About and What Are Its Methods? -- 18-45
Classical Homeopathy -- 22
Causative Homeopathy -- 23
Autoisodes -- 24
Complex Homeopathy -- 24
Homeopathy - The Least Understood Medical System:
Answers to Common Questions -- 24
Appendix to Chapter 1 -- 41

Chapter 2.
What is Hormesis, its Relationship to Homeopathy
and Why is it Being Silenced? -- 45-60

Homeopathy vs. Conventional Medicine
- More Questions and Answers -- 51

Appendix to Chapter 2 -- 57

Chapter 3.
Is Homeopathy Capable of Treating and
Preventing Serious Infectious Diseases? -- 60-66

Plague and Scarlet Fever -- 60
Typhus -- 61
Cholera -- 61
Yellow Fever -- 61
Smallpox -- 62
Polio -- 62
Meningitis -- 63
Whooping Cough -- 63
Tularemia -- 63
Diphtheria -- 63
Malaria -- 63
As an Alternative to Childhood Vaccinations -- 64
AIDS -- 64
Lyme Disease -- 65
Overall Effectiveness in Human Epidemics -- 65

Chapter 4.
Is Homeopathy Capable of Protecting Against
and Treating the Consequences of Toxicological
Agents and Chemical Warfare? -- 66-73

Arsenic -- 66
Bismuth -- 67
Cadmium -- 67
Lead -- 67
Copper -- 67
Mercury -- 67
Pesticides -- 68
Tetrachloride -- 68
Alloxan -- 68
Carcinogens -- 68
Poisonous Mushroom -- 69
Poisonous Plants -- 69
Chemical Warfare -- 69
Ionizing Radiation -- 69
Snake venom -- 69
Toxic Drug -- 70
Summary of Homeopathic Toxicology and
postulated mechanisms of protective action -- 70
Other Beneficial Effects -- 71
Metabolic Problemsv71
Protection Against Heat Shock -- 71
Positive Effects on the Immune System -- 71

Chapter 5.
Environmental Pollution in the Aftermath of
September 11 and the Diagnostic and Therapeutic
Limitations of Conventional Medicine -- 73-75

Chapter 6.
Do Better Diagnostic Tests Exist in
Alternative Medicine to Detect Toxicological
Biological and Nuclear Agents? -- 75-90

Cases -- 81
A case of plant poisoning -- 81
A case of reversed diabetes -- 82
A case of reversed diabetes, coronary
artery disease and prostate disease -- 82
A bizarre case -- 84
A case of reversed coronary artery disease -- 84
A strange cystitis -- 85
A cured case of severe fibromyalgia and
mysterious joint disease -- 86
Breast cancer reversed? -- 87
Severe cardiomyopathy reversed -- 88
When "cholesterol-lowering went bad" -- 88
A case of near-fatal heart arrhythmia -- 88

Chapter 7.
Bio-Resonance Testing - How Does it Work? -- 90-96
Clinical Studies and Experience Concerning the
Accuracy of Bio-Resonance Diagnosis -- 91

Chapter 8.
Homeopathic Vaccines and Antidotes -
Can They be Mass Produced Faster and
More Cheaply than Conventional Vaccines? -- 96-98

Chapter 9.
How You Can Help to Protect Yourself and
Your Family in Case of Biological, Toxicological
or Nuclear Warfare -- 98-136

The Method of Preparation of Isodes When the
Toxic or Biological Agents are in the Environment – 98

Approximate Guidelines for Selecting the
Homeopathic Potencies to Use -- 102

A special note on recognizing and treating
Nuclear radiation -- 107

A few words about potassium iodide -- 110

Supplies and Preparation for
Potassium Iodide solution -- 111

Clinical Examples of the Treatment of
Toxicological, Biological and Nuclear Agents
with Homeopathic Isodes -- 112

A case of industrial pollutants -- 112
A case of severe dermatitis -- 113
A case of narcolepsy -- 113
A case of toxic fumigation -- 113
A case of severe hay fever -- 114
A case of toxic alcohol consumption -- 114
A case of pollution poisoning after the
1993 World Trade Center bombing -- 114
A case of sarcoidosis -- 115
A case of a urinary tract infection -- 116
A case of a ‘comatose’ man -- 116
A case of medication overdose -- 116
A case of double infection -- 117
A case of respiratory anthrax? -- 117
Treatment of nuclear radiation -- 118
Another case of nuclear radiation -- 120

Treatment With Your Own Body Fluids --
Homeopathic Autoisopathy for Biological and
Toxic Assaults -- 121

Clinical cases -- 124
A puzzling case -- 124
A case of West Nile Encephalitis? -- 126
A case of bladder infection --126
Two cases of exposure to nuclear radiation -- 126
A case of reversed thyroid tumor and nuclear radiation -- 127
A case of severe fatigue and nuclear radiation -- 127
Nights of the Tiger -- 128

Treatment of Biological Agents with
Classical Homeopathy: Clinical cases -- 129

A case of peritonitis -- 129
A case of pneumonia? -- 130
Clinical Examples of Combined Treatment with
Classical Homeopathy and Isodes -- 131
A case of severe bronchitis or pneumonia? -- 131
A case of severe abscess -- 131
A case of bronchitis -- 132
A case of encephalitis -- 133
A case of pneumonia -- 133
A case of a toxic strep -- 134

Homeopathic Treatment of Environmental Pollution
in the Aftermath of September 11 -- 135

Asbestos poisoning -- 135
Another case of asbestos poisoning -- 135
Mercury poisoning -- 136

Chapter 10.
A Brief Analysis of the Benefits and Limitations of the
Main Homeopathic Approaches in Cases of Biological,
Toxicological and Nuclear Warfare -- 137-140

Isodes -- 137
Autoisodes -- 138
Classical Homeopathy -- 138
Genus Epidemicus -- 139
Complex Homeopathics -- 139

Chapter 11.
Anthrax and its Homeopathic
and Conventional Management -- 140-155

Cutaneous Anthrax -- 140
Inhalation Anthrax -- 142
Gastrointestinal Anthrax -- 143
Diagnosis of Anthrax Infection -- 143
Prophylaxis of Anthrax Infection -- 143
Homeopathy in the Prevention of Anthrax -- 144
Treatment of Anthrax Infection -- 146
Specific Homeopathic Remedies for Anthrax -- 147
Autoisodes -- 152

Chapter 12.
Smallpox and its Homeopathic and
Conventional Management -- 155-166

Prophylaxis -- 156
Conventional Post-Exposure Measures -- 157
Homeopathic Post-Exposure Measures -- 159
Diagnosis -- 160
Treatment -- 161
Conventional Treatment -- 161

Chapter 13.
Other Supportive Measures and Considerations -- 166-170

General Environmental and Toxic Factors -- 166
Organ Support -- 167
Chinese Medicine -- 168
Herbs -- 168
Supplementation with Nutrients -- 169
Diet -- 169
Optional -- 170
Emotional Support and Prayer -- 170

Chapter 14.
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and
Psychological Problems Following September 11th -- 171-184

Cases -- 171
A case of a scared bladder -- 171
"What if they blow up the bridge?" -- 173
"Will we survive?" -- 175
Weepy for the dead -- 175
"What will happen to me?" -- 176
Case of a broken heart -- 176
Osama bin Laden does not live here anymore -- 179
The saga of a fire captain -- 181

Chapter 15.
Homeopathy for War and Injuries -- 184-188

Clinical Cases -- 185
Case of unsuspected head trauma -- 185
"Nice but stupid" -- 185
A case of a blind man seeing again -- 186
A case of reversed epilepsy -- 187
A case of an embedded foreign object -- 187
A case of neck injury -- 188
Two bullets in the head -- 188

Chapter 16.
How Cost Effective is Digital Medicine? -- 190-192

Chapter 17.
Homeopathy: Past and Present -- 192-204

Epilogue -- 204-206
References -- 206
Index -- 207
Appendix -- 208

Dr. Yurkovsky received his M.D. degree from the II Moscow State Medical Institute, in the former USSR, in 1975.

He completed his Internal Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Coney Island Hospital of Downstate Medical School, Brooklyn, New York and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Disenchanted with conventional medicine in the care of chronic diseases, he turned to the exploration and thorough study of Alternative Medicine. Having realized that the primary source of health and disease, according to physics, stems from the corresponding cellular energy fields, he adopted a new revolutionary medical model.

This paradigm interfaces the theories of biology and physics, established by his mentor, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, William A. Tiller, of Stanford University.

Since 1999, Dr. Yurkovsky has taught this curriculum to medical doctors and licensed health care professionals with special emphasis on energy-based diagnostic and therapeutic modalities aimed particularly at toxicological, biological and nuclear agents.

Dr. Yurkovsky resides with his wife and two children in Connecticut, and maintains a private practice in Chappaqua, New York.


"An exciting, innovative and practical book helping you to protect yourself and your family from the hazards of our modern world. It integrates a wide range of knowledge to accomplish this goal."

Michael B Schachter, MD
Former President
American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM)

"A provocative and timely contribution. Research and case-based evidence argue for the validity of a bioenergetic model and for the use of homeopathy and other bioenergetic approaches to healing and health care.

"This practical manual provides numerous case examples and detailed instructions for preparing and using remedies in emergency situations and environmental illnesses. The techniques described deserve further research, particularly in light of their potential application to the challenge of bioterrorism. "

Susan Gaylord, Ph.D.
Director, Program on Integrative Medicine
Research Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina
School of Medicine

"I have visited the Chernobyl area on numerous occasions while making a film for HBO. Each time I was diagnosed with the radiation illness and fell very ill. Homeopathic nuclear radiation vaccine consistently led me to a prompt recovery."

Maryann DeLeo
Independent Filmmaker