Arnica: The remedy that should be in every home

Arnica: The remedy that should be in every home

  • Phyllis Speight


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About a classic remedy, and
written by a classic author!
45pp pb
ISBN 0-85032-138-7


Arnica in verse
About Arnica Montana
Injuries and Shock
Dental Troubles
Tired Feet
Arnica in the School
Addressed to all Sportsmen
About Homoeopathic Remedies
Interesting Case Histories
Extracts from Old Homoeopathic Masters
Arnica Montana from 'The Song of Symptoms' by Patersimilias
Julian Winston writes:

Phyllis Speight and her husband Leslie were lay-people in the UK who carried on a practice, ran a publishing business and taught many courses. They were two of the many responsible for keeping homeopathy alive in the UK during the 1940s and 1950s.